Daniel Turner

Daniel Turner

Turner Appointed Director of Academic Advising

August 1, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Effective September 2, 2008 Daniel Turner will be the Director of Academic Advising at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Turner, currently the associate director of the Academic Advising Center at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb, will report to Illinois Wesleyan’s Associate Provost for Academic Services Jeff Frick.

While serving as a member of the Academic Affairs Division, Turner’s responsibilities will be to further the quality and coordination of the University’s existing academic advising programs and implement new advising services, in addition to creating an Academic Advising Center.

In fulfilling his duties, Turner will work collaboratively with a University advisory group. He will manage the Center’s day-to-day operations, coordinate the University’s existing faculty advising programs and be available to students for drop in academic advising.

As director, Turner will also assist with Illinois Wesleyan’s student retention efforts, participate in the assessment of academic advising, and coordinate academic advising with the Office of Student Affairs, the Study Abroad Office and the Hart Career Center.

Turner, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in higher education administration at Loyola University, earned his Master of Science in Education degree in instructional technology in 1998 and his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in 1995 from NIU.

Contact: Sherry Wallace, (309) 556-3181