Tim Mooney

Timothy Mooney

One Man Show to be Performed In Hansen

February 15, 2008

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Actor Timothy Mooney will come to Illinois Wesleyan University’s Hansen Student Center (300 Beecher St., Bloomington) to perform his one-man show, Molire Than Thou, on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public.

The play is known to reinvigorate renaissance theatre, Louis XIV’s court and the vision which generated some of the most beloved plays of our time.

Molire, a 17th century actor and playwright, has written 38 major works, and is best known for his farces. He is considered by critics to be the French Shakespeare.

In Molire Than Thou, Mooney plays the character of Molire, who finds himself left without a cast because they’ve gone off to eat shellfish at a local inn. Instead of canceling the show, Molire decides to perform his “greatest hits,” a series of the eight best monologues, which come from such plays as Tartuffe, Don Juan, The Doctor in Spite of Himself, The Precious Young Maidens, The Misanthrope and The School for Wives.

The monologues have been translated from their original French into English, in hopes of removing the language barrier and allowing a greater audience to appreciate Molire’s writing.

The Winnipeg Free Press, in a review of Molire Than Thou said, “What Mooney captures so deftly is how skilled Molire was as painting scathing portraits of the rich and pompous without them any the wiser, ” and  a review by The Orlando Sentinel said that “the actor has a way with this material and an equally lovely manner with the members of the audience he invited on state…Clearly Molire lives.”

For more information contact Associate Dean of Students Darcy Greder at dgreder@iwu.edu.

Contact: Allegra Gallian, '09, (309) 556-3181