Starkey Award

Lynn Nichelson (left) receives the Max L. Starkey Award from President Richard F. Wilson.

Lynn Nichelson Honored as Winner of Max L. Starkey Award at IWU

March 28,2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Lynn Nichelson, who has been Director of Financial Aid at Illinois Wesleyan University since 1963, was named the 2007 winner of the University's Max L. Starkey Service Award at the 16th annual recognition banquet at Bloomington’s Double Tree Hotel on Wednesday, March 28.

The banquet recognized members of the IWU community for their work throughout the year and included a special tribute to employees who celebrated milestone anniversaries in five-year increments.

Nichelson, who was also recognized for his 45th year of service to the school, manages IWU’s $37 million financial aid program, which includes federal, state, and IWU funds for grant, loan and work-study programs. In addition to counseling families, he works with a staff to reviews in excess of 1,600 student aid applications annually.

Nichelson, who has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indiana University, was the 2002 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the College Board Midwestern Regional Assembly and has served on the U.S. Department of Education’s Negotiated Rulemaking Committee on Loan Issues.

The Starkey award, established in 2001, is presented to a member of the administrative, technical, support, security or physical plant staffs nominated by his or her peers for extraordinary service. The award is named in honor of the late Max Starkey, a 1957 Illinois Wesleyan graduate who was University Comptroller from 1957 to 1996.

The University also honored six retiring employees: Norma Criley, biology; Bob Evans, physical plant; Penna Evans, Arnold Health Service; Mona Gardner, Office of the President; Dennis Groh, University chaplain; and Gordon Ramey, physical plant.

Three staff members were recognized for their 40th anniversaries with the University - Susan Brandon (music), Jeanne Johnson (information technology) and Sammy Scifres (music).

Others recognized for their anniversaries were:

35th Year: Pamela Muirhead (English); Kathy Thilmany (Office of University Communications); Sherry Wallace (Office of University Communications).

30th Year: Susan Anderson-Freed (Mathematics and Computer Science); Margaret Chapman (Economics); Darcy L. Greder (Office of the Associate Dean of Students); Lawrence Stout (Mathematics and Computer Science); George Wainwright (Physical Plant).

25th Year: David J. King (Physical Plant); Robert Murray (Admissions Office); William West (School of Music).

20th Year: Jane Baines (Development Office); Donna Baird (Physical Plant); Lawrence G. Claycomb (Physical Plant); Norm Eash (Physical Education); Frederick Hoyt (Business Administration); Vadim Mazo (School of Music); Mary Beth Phillips (Business Office); Kathryn Scherck (School of Nursing); Terry Tanner (Physical Plant).

15th Year: Tony Bankston (Admissions Office); Joseph Baptiste (Physical Plant); Maria I. Barnes (Physical Plant); Mark Butler (Physical Plant); Carmela Ferradans (Hispanic Studies); Jeffrey A. Frick (Office of the Registrar); R. Given Harper (Biology); Brian A. Hatcher (Religion); Georganne Rundblad (Sociology and Anthropology); April Schultz (History); Gary Schwartz (Publications, Printing, and Mailing Services); James Simeone (Political Science); Susan E. Stroyan-Bennett (The Ames Library); Michael Wagner (Physical Education).

10th Year: Dennis T. DeLong (Physical Plant); Constance Estep (School of Art); Ana Floriani (Educational Studies); Marie L. Giusti (Human Resources); Cynthia Honegger (Biology/Chemistry); Bruce W. Johnson (Physical Plant); Sandra Lindberg (School of Theatre Arts); Kerri Lynn McKeown (Information Technology); Tim McKeown (Information Technology); Mike Murray (Physical Education); Tim A. Obermiller (Office of University Communications); Jose G. Rodriguez (Physical Plant); Rebecca A. Roesner (Chemistry); Chris Rutledge (Information Technology); Christopher Schumacher (Physical Education); Susan Swanlund (School of Nursing); David E. Towers (Physical Plant).

Fifth Year: Ann L. Aubry (Office of University Communications); Kim Bray (Physical Plant); Donita Brucker (Physical Plant); William Cox (Physical Plant); Michael J. Dancs (Mathematics and Computer Science); Ryan Diener (Physical Plant); Victoria N. Folse (School of Nursing); Sara Freeman (School of Theatre Arts); Linda M. French (Physics); Kelly F. Gorman (Physical Plant); David R. Hibbard (Psychology); Stephen R. Hoffmann (Chemistry); Janis B. Hollins (School of Nursing); Michael A. Irvin (Physical Plant); Robert Kearney (Business Administration); Claressa Kirkwood (Physical Plant); Jennifer Krause (Development Office); Kelly Lawton (Educational Studies); Sammie L. Robinson (Business Administration); Robert Rogers (Counseling and Consultation Services); John B. Taylor (Physical Plant); Michael Theune (English); Robyn Walter (Career Center/ Counseling and Consultation Services); Gail E. Walton (Psychology); Lesley Zimmerman (Office of the Registrar).

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