Grant to Boost Environmental Resources at The Ames Library

November 20, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— The Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University has been awarded  $5,000 in a grant from the Consortium of Academic & Research Libraries (CARLI) that will enable the purchase of resources for the study of agricultural sustainability.

“We are always looking to ways to meet the needs of students,” said Sarah Wessel, serials librarian and associate professor at Illinois Wesleyan. “Being located in the Midwest, students are frequently interested in more sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture methods.”

Illinois Wesleyan is one of three institutions in the state receiving money from the  CARLI grant, which totals $13,500. Known as the Green Technology Collection Enhancement Partnership, participating institutions are gathering resources on sustainable architecture, landscape design, agriculture, manufacturing technology and building design and construction. The partnership consists of Illinois Wesleyan, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and Parkland College.

For Illinois Wesleyan, the grant is being slotted to purchase books on agricultural sustainability for The Ames Library. “Sustainability is one of our hopes for the future, and to be able to provide resources to help those who will shape our future is a critical mission for the library,” said Wessel.

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