Rosemary Ingham

Rosemary Ingham teaches a master class at Illinois Wesleyan.

Internationally-Acclaimed Theatre Designer Teaches Master Class

February 12, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Influential theatre costume designer, educator and author, Rosemary Ingham, who has been referred to as "literally writing the book on theatrical design" visited Illinois Wesleyan on Feb. 1-6 to meet with students.  Ingham came to campus to teach a master class in response to her latest book, From Page to Stage: How Theatre Designers Make Connections Between Scripts and Images.

While on campus, Ingham also presented a speech on Feb. 4 in The Ames Library and gave a talkback following the Saturday night performance of the IWU School of Theatre Arts' production of Alison's House, which ran from January 30 to Feb. 4 in McPherson Theatre.

Open to students of all disciplines, Ingham's master class, which took place in two four-hour sessions on Feb. 2 and Feb. 5, was presented to over 15 students from all facets of theatrical production from set, lighting and sound design to performance and business.  The class focused on a text's importance in theatre design.  In the class, Ingham taught students to always keep a script at the center of any production in order to produce a cohesive design on stage.  As examples, she presented slides of past plays she had designed, citing specific text that aided in her work.

At the first class session, students were given a script to read over the weekend and were encouraged to come to the following session prepared with drawings and research for Ingham to comment on.

Having been considered a pioneer in the field of costume design, Ingham recently received the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award.  In 2004, USITT, the association of design, production and technology professionals in the entertainment and performing arts industry, honored Ingham for her authorial achievements with the Golden Pen Award.

Ingham, who says she had always dreamed of being a writer, has written three influential research and design texts.  Her first two books, The Costume Technician's Handbook and The Costume Designer's Handbook, which she co-authored with fellow designer Liz Covey, quickly became definitive texts referenced in most theatre costume shops in the country.  Her latest book, From Page to Stage: How Theatre Designers Make Connections Between Scripts and Images, has been met with much success in the theatre industry.

Though Ingham obtained much of her education through firsthand experience, she began her formal theatre education at Yale School of Drama where she joined the school as a special student in design and playwriting.  After her experiences at Yale, Ingham attended classes at Grinnell College in literature and criticism and later received a Bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Montana.

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