Sammie Robinson

Sammie Robinson

Business Professor to Speak at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

April 19, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Sammie Robinson, assistant professor of business administration at Illinois Wesleyan University, has been invited to speak at the McLean County Chamber of Commerce's 2007 Administrative Professionals Luncheon on April 24 at the Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center (10 Brickyard Dr., Bloomington).

The Bloomington Chamber of Commerce hosts the event annually with State Farm Insurance Company and Connoisseur Media.   This year, Robinson will address many influential administrative professionals on the theme “Shaping The Future.”

“The future is beyond our control, it is not promised,” Robinson said of the theme.  “At best, we can make attempts to shape our future.”  In her talk, she plans to address three major ways that people can mold their destinies.  She will suggest that audience members seek truth by identifying personal touchstones of belief and self through honest recognition of personal worth.   For Robinson, though, the most important way that people can shape the future is through finding what she calls their event.  “We need to find that thing we do really well and make that our life's work,” Robinson said.  “My event happens in the classroom.  My event happens when I connect with people.” 

Robinson's passion for connecting with people also fits into the “Five C's” of shaping the future, as offered by Sandra P. Chandler CPS, President of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).  They are: Commitment, Continued Education, Communication, Creativity, and Connectivity.   “When you connect with people, it makes it easier to do what needs to be done,” she said.

“Sometimes the future seems uncertain.  It will appear misshapen to you.  But if you approach the future like a potter, you can shape IT-and yourself.”

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