Twenty New Faculty Join IWU for 2007-08 Academic Year

August 27, 2007

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Twenty new faculty members have joined Illinois Wesleyan University for the 2007-08 academic school year. 

The eight new tenure-track faculty are Brian Brennan, instructor of chemistry; Joshua Brown Kramer, instructor of mathematics and computer science; Brad Sheese, assistant professor of psychology; Jeungbo Shim, instructor of business administration; Scott Susong, assistant professor of theatre arts; and Jason Themanson, assistant professor of psychology.

Mark Criley, who has served in a visiting role since 2003 has been added as a tenure-track faculty appointment as instructor of philosophy. 

The new visiting faculty members are:

Lauren Bordson, visiting assistant professor in The Ames Library; Letania Ferreira, visiting instructor in Hispanic Studies; Nathan Frank, visiting assistant professor of physics; Fernando Guerrero, visiting instructor in Hispanic Studies; Alexander Hughes, visiting assistant professor of philosophy; Sarah Miller, visiting librarian and assistant professor in The Ames Library; Julie Pelton, visiting assistant professor of sociology; Adriana Ponce, visiting assistant professor in the School of Music; Kate Roark, visiting assistant professor in the School of Theatre Arts; Andrew Smith, visiting instructor of philosophy; Jennifer Smith, visiting instructor of economics; Taye Woldesmiate, Scholar at Risk, visiting associate professor of political science.

As previously announced, Karen Schmidt, has joined Illinois Wesleyan as University Librarian/professor.

For the 2007-08 academic year, the University employs 194 full-time faculty members, up from 189 in 2006-07.

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