Faculty-Choreographed Pieces to Dance Across IWU Stage

April 10, 2006

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Illinois Wesleyan's School of Theatre Arts will present the biennial Faculty Choreographed Dance Concert, "trends:" which will feature dances by three faculty members as well as a "dance theatre" piece by top-tier choreography resident, David Dorfman.  The performance will run April 11-14 at 8 p.m. and April 15 at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in McPherson Theatre (2 Ames Plaza East, Bloomington).

The four dance pieces range from a "Graduation Ball" ballet to a gritty protest piece inspired by a documentary.  All pieces are performed by student dancers from several different academic disciplines.

As well as offering a change of pace for the theatre department from its normal play schedule, the dance concert also offers several student designers a chance to independently create an original design.  Lighting and costume designers, in particular, are placed with one of the four choreographers to collaborate on an individual dance and are then given the opportunity to actualize their design.  From the first design meetings with the choreographers, to the thumbnail sketches and all the way to opening night, the designers are given an opportunity to work on a very particular and different genre of musical theatre.

Tickets for the show are $6 for general admittance for the shows on April 11-13 and $8 for the performances on April 14-15. There is a $1 discount for seniors citizens (65+) for all performances.  Tickets for any performance with a valid student I.D. are $1.  For additional information or to order tickets, call the McPherson Theatre Box Office at (309) 556-3232.

Dancers: Justin Banta, Hilary Barry, Leslie Brockley, Jon Cable, Mandy Compton, Don Denton, Annie DiMaria, Peter Durkin, Alex Goldberg, Sara Gorsky, Peter Gray, Clara Hirsh, Vaughn Irving, Loren Jones, Earl Kim, J.P. Latchaw, Lauren Little, Ryan Naimy, Torri Newman, Bri North, Rachel Payden, Jessica Pink, Amanda ReCupido, Becca Segal, Alene Thiesen, Elizabeth Williams, Cheri Whitney, Katie Winkler, Mike Yarnell, Zach Zube.

Production Team: Jean Kerr (Director/Choreographer), David Dorfman (Choreographer), Sheri Marley (Choreographer), Greg Merriman (Choreographer), Bradley Smoak (Stage Manager), Melanie Waltman (Asst. Stage Manager), Taylar Kuzniar (Costume Designer-David Dorfman), Sarah Ziebart (Costume Designer-Jean Kerr), Sylvi Re (Costume Designer-Sheri Marley), Janessa Styck (Costume Coordinator), Rachel Kerner (Assoc. Costume Designer-Jean Kerr), Rachel Brown (Assoc. Costume Designer-David Dorfman), Dale Marshall (Lighting Designer-David Dorfman), Nolan Kennedy (Lighting Designer-Jean Kerr, Greg Merriman), Brian Kowalski (Lighting Designer-- Sheri Marley), Michelle Morgret (Master Electrician), Brianna North (Asst. Choreographer), Sara Gorsky (Assistant Choreographer-David Dorfman), Charles Haugland (Sound Designer), Craig Landers (Sound Designer), Eric Hamilton (Sound Designer), Eric Knight (Property Master), Dan Andruss (Property Master), Armie Thompson (Technical Director), Liz Schroeder (Wardrobe Crew Head), Sarah Bordson (Hair and Makeup Designer/Publicity Coordinator), Peter Gray (Graphic Designer).

Contact: Taylar Kuzniar, (309) 556-3181