Richard F. Wilson

President Richard F. Wilson

Board of Trustees Adopts Strategic Plan for Illinois Wesleyan

Feb. 8, 2006

The Board of Trustees voted at its Feb. 7 meeting to formally adopt the Strategic Plan for Illinois Wesleyan University. A three-year effort, the planning initiative began in 2003 by then President Minor Myers, jr. and, following his death, was carried on by Acting President Janet McNew.  President Richard F. Wilson assumed leadership of the planning process upon his arrival at Illinois Wesleyan in 2004.

The plan, designed to set a course for the University for the next five to seven years, incorporates six goals that Wilson indicates are critical to the future of the University.  These goals involve: Teaching and Learning, Student Development, Diversity, Human Resources, University Identity, and Financial Resources. Work groups specific to each goal undertook the responsibilities for fully developing the goals and strategies. 

The trustees praised the thoroughness of the plan and the efforts of the work groups and the campus community for their three-year commitment to the planning process. In presenting the plan to the Trustees, President Wilson stressed that the plan is a “dynamic, living document, not intended to gather dust.”  He also said he is especially pleased by the make-up of the committees. “Each group consisted of faculty, staff, alumni, Trustees and students. All voices had opportunities to be heard. This plan truly is the work of people who care the most about this University.”  The next phase will involve setting priorities and developing strategies for implementation.

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