Illinois Wesleyan Economics Department Publishes Park Place Economist

May 18, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - What effect does the college major have on wages? Is it possible to predict the number of Olympic medals that a country will win based on economic development? Why are foreign manufactured cars gaining market share in the United States?

These are questions addressed by articles appearing in the 13th edition of The Park Place Economist, a journal published by Illinois Wesleyan University undergraduates.

The Park Place Economist is one of the few undergraduate journals of economics. This year's edition was edited by Ana Maria Romero, a senior economics and accounting double major from Barranquilla, Colombia.

Articles in this year's edition are:

• “Does the Arbitration Process Solve Monopsonistic Behavior in Baseball?” by Andrew Tarman

• “Which Baseball Statistic Is the Most Important When Determining Team Success?” by Adam Houser

• “Predicting Medal Counts: The Effect of Economic Development on Olympic Performance” by Xun Bian

• “The Effect of College Major on Wages” by Amanda Thorson

• “Language Deficiency and the Occupational Attainment of Mexican Immigrants” by Elizabeth Planas

• “Differences in Rates of Return to Education: Immigrant and Native Men in the 1980's” by Grant Dodds

• “Comparative Study: Factors that Affect Foreign Currency Reserves in China and India” by Ana Mara Romero

• “Why are Foreign Manufactured Cars Gaining Market Share in the US Market” by Adrien Gatesman

• “Inevitability of Regional Variations in the UK” by John Haugen

• “The Role of Risk in Determining the Liberalizations of Trade” by Sean Moran

The journal is available on-line at