Illinois Wesleyan University Student Profile 2005-06

August 23, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Illinois Wesleyan University welcomed 566 members of the class of 2009 to the campus Tuesday, August 23 and when classes begin on Monday, August 29, total enrollment will be approximately 2,100.

Figures available prior to the start of classes, which are subject to change once the semester begins, indicate that of the 566 first-year students who have enrolled at the University, 329 are women, and 237 are men.   There also are 40 African-Americans, 13 Hispanic, and 25 Asian students in the entering class.  In addition to the first-year students, there will be 30 transfer students entering this fall.

Among the 596 new students to the university, 47 intend to be music majors, 22 nursing majors, 19 theatre-arts majors, six music theatre majors, and 11 art majors.   The remaining 491 students are enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts majors. The average American College Test (ACT) composite score for the total entering class is 28.4.  A perfect score is 36 and the national average composite score for 2005 is 20.9. Attending the University this school year are 550 first-year domestic students representing 23 states.  Also enrolled are 19 international students of which 16 are first-year students, one transfer, and two exchange students representing citizens of 11 nations including Bulgaria, Ghana, India, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Nepal, Nigeria, Spain, St. Lucia and Vietnam.

Dean of Admissions, Jerry Pope, class of 1980, reflecting on this year's class said that the new students entering IWU are not only outstanding academically, but also have been very involved in their schools and in their communities.  They are bringing a wealth of talent and experience to Illinois Wesleyan. 

"We've also seen a significant increase in the African-American and Hispanic student enrollment over the last two years.  I'm please to see the entire university community supporting the commitment to our multicultural program."