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January 12, 2005

Event: Flute Makers and Composers

Illinois Wesleyan School of Music presents: Professor of Music William West playing the traverso

Date: Jan. 16 (Sunday)

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location: Westbrook Auditorium

Admission: Free and open to the public

Background: William West, professor of music, will play the traverso, an 18th century flute, with accompaniment by Carol Churukian on the harpsichord and Nina Gordon, professor of cello and chamber music, on the violoncello. As the program proceeds, West will play a flute that was made by the composer of each piece.


Sonata in D Minor, opus 2, #2 by Michel Blavet (1700-1768)

La Vibray-Andante


Les Caquets, Gavotta-Moderato



For his opening piece, West will play a flute made by Thomas Lot (1708-1787). In a review of historical documents it seems that nearly all of the important flutists of the mid-18th century owned a Lot instrument. Michel Blavet, hailed as one of the most famous flute virtuosos of the first half of the century, played a Lot flute, which tonal quality is said by critics to be sweet and pleasantly textured, as well as even and full throughout the instrument's range.

Partita #5 in E Minor by Johann Georg Tromlitz (1725-1805)


Allegro assai

Menuetto con variazioni

West will honor Tromlitz, the composer of this selection, by playing a renowned Tromlitz flute. Known for their outstanding intonation, copies of Tromlitz instruments are popular among classical flute players and are said by fans to have an engaging, energetic and smooth tone quality throughout the range of the instrument.

Suite in B Minor, opus 5, #4 by Jacques Martin Hotteterre (1674-1763)







Hotteterre has been said to have designed the French-style Baroque flute that West will play for this piece. The Hotteterre flute was popular during the early 18th century and was featured in the Paris Opera orchestra. It is said by critics to have a silky tone quality and to reflect the flow of the spoken word.

Variationen ber die Arie “Ich schlief, da trumte mir” by Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773)

To conclude his performance, West will play a flute designed by Quantz. Quantz was the favorite musician and tutor of Frederick the Great of Prussia. His flutes, which differ greatly from other instruments made during his time period, are said by critics to carry a serious and weighty tone quality.

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