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Other academic options in Music

Pursuing a Double Major in music and another area

Among the many options available to IWU students who wish to complete a double major is the option of combining music with another discipline.  We recommend that these students choose the BA in Music as their music curriculum, as this plan allows the most flexibility in class choices, while still delivering a course of study in music that is both rich and rigorous.  While it is possible to finish a double major in music and another discipline within four years, this outcome is not guaranteed.  Your ability to finish in four years will be influenced by several factors, some of which might include: when you begin the music major; what other discipline you select; and involvement in study abroad or internship programs.  You should plan to work with a faculty mentor in both disciplines, although only one of these mentors will function as your official advisor. 

Pursuing a Double Degree program in music and another area

Students who wish to pursue the BM or BME degree along with a major in another discipline (resulting in a double degree) should plan to work closely with faculty mentors in both disciplines from the very beginning of their IWU experience.  Careful planning several semesters in advance is necessary in order to avoid scheduling conflicts that may delay the completion of one of the programs.  It is possible, but challenging, to complete the BM degree along with another degree program within four years.

Pursuing a Minor in arts management

The Arts Management minor is designed to prepare individuals to effectively manage performing and visual arts organizations such as galleries, theaters, orchestras, museums and arts councils. The program is designed to complement major study in one of the Fine Arts disciplines; accordingly, the minor sequence is available only to students majoring in art, music, or theatre arts. A description of additional requirements or restrictions may be found in the Illinois Wesleyan University Catalog  under the sections listing the B.A. requirements for Music and Theatre Arts and the B.A. and B.F.A. requirements for Art. A listing of the requirements to complete this minor can be found in the Course Catalog.