Marketing Major

presentationAmid continually changing technology, machine learning, and evolving consumer behavior, marketing is a growing and exciting field.

With our broad-based education, Illinois Wesleyan marketing students develop the ability to make innovative and unexpected connections so they can adapt to the challenges of today's business environments, with an understanding of the ethical and cultural contexts for modern dilemmas.

An Illinois Wesleyan education ensures plentiful opportunities for hands-on experience, with students seeing the results of their work while they're still on campus.

For example, students involved in the campus chapter of the American Marketing Association — the world’s largest organization of marketing professionals — were integral in laying the groundwork for the new and improved marketing major, launched in 2018.

Students apply their coursework at internships with local, national, and international organizations such as Aeris, Country Financial, Kelly Scott Madison, State Farm Insurance, Vector Marketing, and Walgreens. This firm foundation in theory and its practice enables students to adapt to the challenges of today's business environments in the years following graduation.

Graduates find opportunities in all forms of creative customer engagement, purchasing and supply chain management, international marketing, sales management, market research, and product management.



(At Illinois Wesleyan,) you will get to take classes in all different departments. This well-rounded approach to education is key in business. Managers need to be able to write well, solve problems, think critically, present in front of people confidently, examine the minds of consumers to develop markets, understand the economy and policy – the list goes on.

By getting exposure in all different academic departments, you will gain a plethora of skills that will make you a marketable manager and leader.

You will learn the technical skills that will get you hired at any business. (Even more), a liberal arts approach like Illinois Wesleyan offers will give you skills that will get you promoted.
— Patrick Zajak