PaperCut (Printing on Campus)

Printing from public computers and your personally owned devices to Konica Copiers on campus.

IWU uses the PaperCut print management solution that allows printing from public computer workstations on campus and also lets you set up your personally owned computers, phones, tablets, etc., to print to various Konica copiers across campus.  When printing from your personally owned device, the document is queued for 12 hours and can be “Released” from the queue for printing at any of the following Konica copiers -  

  • Ames Library - Any of the 5 copiers in public spaces - Information Commons, floors 2,3, & 4
  • State Farm Hall 122 and the Main Floor Hallway near the study booths
  • CNS E204/210, Atrium entry level West, 2nd Floor Near Labs on NW side
  • Memorial Center near Campus Safety and the Pfeiffer walkway entrance 


Students receive a credit to print 800 pages each semester which is equivalent to $32.  If you deplete your quota, additional pages can be purchased in $5 (125 single sided B/W prints) and $10 (250 single sided B/W prints) increments by visiting the Business Office windows. 

Setting up your device to print

To set up your phone, laptop, iPad, ChromeBook, etc., to print to the Konica Copiers, y our device must be connected to the IWU campus network in order to access the installation instruction page.

From the device you are wanting to print from, visit the website   - The link will automatically direct you to the correct installation instructions.  

*The Name of the Printer you will add is - secure follow me printing

Windows Computers - Download the print software from the setup link and install.

Mac Users - Follow the instructions for adding a printer from the setup link . Be sure to enter your IWU NETID and Password when prompted for a username and password - Your computer username will pre-populate the sign-in window.  

Print from your device as you normally would selecting the printer secure follow me printing.

To retrieve your print job

  • Visit any of the Konica copiers listed above
  • Swipe your ID Card in the ID Card Reader attached to the front of the Copier or enter your ID Number (900XXXXXX) using the touch panel to Login to the copier 
    • Note - the very first time you swipe your ID Card, you may be asked to enter your IWU ID and Password - This is your NetID (the part of your email address before (don’t enter the part) and your email password
    • You will be prompted with a message indicating you have jobs waiting to print
    • Touch Close
  • Touch Release to view your waiting print jobs - your print jobs will be displayed
  • Touch the jobs you want to print - The selected jobs will be highlighted blue.  Jobs you choose not to print will be deleted automatically
  • Press the Blue Start Button (the Start Button will be orange until you select your jobs) to print your documents
  • Press the Access Button on the right side of the touch panel twice to log off the copier

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