Network FAQ

How do I get a Wired Connection?

Ethernet ports are available in all residence hall rooms, offices, and many other places on campus, such as the library and computer labs. A wired connection can be obtained by simply using an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the port on the wall. For this type of connection, no log-in is required and you should have access to the internet right away.

You can verify that you have a good connection if you are able to navigate to a web page using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

For use with your personal computer, an Ethernet cord can be purchased from most electronic stores as well as from the IWU bookstore.

Ethernet cord in the residence halls

The Ethernet ports in the residence halls are combined with the phone ports, making the two sometimes difficult to distinguish. The active telephone and Ethernet ports can be distinguished by stickers which are located beside the port. For the Ethernet, look for a sticker with the image of a computer next to it.

Rooms on campus have active Ethernet ports correlating to the number of students meant to live in the room. If you are unable to get a connection, verify that you are plugged in to one of the active ports in your room (identified by the sticker). 

How do I get a wireless connection?

Directions on how to obtain wireless connection on multiple devices 

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