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Illinois Wesleyan's Commitment to Sustainability

Illinois Wesleyan Mission Statement

“The University through its policies, programs and practices is committed to diversity, social justice and environmental sustainability.”

Illinois Wesleyan Vision Statement

“The curriculum and co curriculum will promote a strong sense of Illinois Wesleyan’s place in the local and in an interconnected global community, and the University will demonstrate a meaningful commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability.”

“The University will strive to graduate individuals who are socially aware, environmentally informed, ethical, and engaged citizens, who make significant contributions to their local, national, and world communities.”

“All campus grounds, facilities, library resources, information technology resources, and support services will be of high quality and will provide an atmosphere that inspires the pursuit of learning and promotes human and environmental health and well-being.”

Illinois Wesleyan Strategic Plan

“At the same time, our Mission and Vision Statements identify areas for new curricular growth including social justice, internationalization and sustainability…” (Section I A)

“Infuse the values of citizenship, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and globalization into our community at Illinois Wesleyan University. “ (Section II D)

"Adjust the allocation of human resources both to address the needs of critical campus functions that are understaffed and accommodate the staffing needs of new IWU mission priorities, such as diversifying and internationalizing the campus and creating a sustainable campus." (Section III B)

“Adopt effective conservation and renewal programs to control operating costs, promote environmental sustainability, and preserve our physical assets in a sound fiscal manner.” (Section IV E)