Bike Share

For people who do not have access to their own bikes on campus, we have TWO convenient bike share programs on campus.

IWU Bike Share

The IWU Bike Share is a convenient option for students, faculty, and staff to check out bikes at the Ames Library. There are currently ten bikes in circulation, and they can be checked out for 24 hours at a time with an option for one 24-hour renewal.


While someone has a bike checked out, it is their responsibility to look after the bike. If they don't return it in comparable condition to how they checked it out, it is their responsibility to pay to keep the system operational. Some typical charges include:

Bikes that are three weeks overdue will be considered lost and the $250 fee will be assessed to the user's account per Ames Library policy.

Bike Share 309

Since March 2017, the Town of Normal has operated Bike Share 309, the communitywide bike share program. With professional mechanics, high-quality bikes, and convenient locations ranging from Illinois State University and Uptown Normal to Illinois Wesleyan's Hansen Student Center and Downtown Bloomington, this bigger-scale bike share system is a great complement to the campus-specific option. If you use your IWU email address to sign up, you can get 50% off your annual membership, bringing the cost down to $15/year. Each half-hour costs $1; the first hour of each ride is free for members.