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About the GREENetwork


In April of 2000, in response to the passage of unanimous resolutions by the Student Senate and faculty, the Illinois Wesleyan Green Task Force (GTF) was established. The group was originally comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, with the purpose of assisting in reducing Illinois Wesleyan's environmental footprint.

The specific mission of the Task Force was to assess the ways in which Illinois Wesleyan's daily activities impact the environment, investigate state-of-the-art technology, and ultimately, develop a long-term environmental improvement plan for the university. The GTF was to exist for a two-year period culminating in Spring 2002.

At that time, a report was formulated and presented to the University that described the accomplishments of the GTF over the past two years and it mapped out a long-term environmental plan for IWU. This plan included the development of the Committee for a Sustainable Campus, renamed in 2006 to GREENetwork.

Role of the GREENetwork

Today the group consists of volunteer students, faculty, staff, and administrators, with the purpose of continuing the work of the GTF. The GREENetwork's primary focus is on advancing IWU’s commitment to ecological sustainability, but it also encourages social and economic sustainability within the University.

Ecological sustainability is a way of living and thinking that preserves resources and our earth for future generations, and we strive to make sustainability part of IWU's campus culture as well as the individual consciousness IWU's community members.