• Chose Interior paints, fabrics, floor and wall coverings that emit low levels of volatile organic compounds for Welcome Center
  • Installed a shower in the building so staffers who bike to work can clean up on site before beginning their day
  • Substituted washable and reusable ceramic mugs for the styrofoam cups once used to serve coffee; mugs washed in an Energy Star dishwasher located in the new building
  • Began serving snacks purchased locally and in bulk instead of running vending machines to supply such food
  • Elimination of the Admissions Office’s staff automobiles; currently, recruiters drive their own vehicles to recruiting appointments and are reimbursed by IWU for the mileage involved in such travel

Continuing Initiatives

  • Making aggressive efforts to cut back on the amount of paper used by Admissions staff
  • Beginning to plan for paperless prospective student files using existing software
  • Would like to encourage Admissions staff to purchase fuel efficient and/or hybrid vehicles, possibly by offering staffers a cash incentive to make such a purchase (not likely given current economic situation)
  • Recommending establishing a green-space where extra-curricular activities for students such as LaCrosse and Ultimate Frisbee can be played
  • Support trying to get the campus to go trayless; believes there would be initial resistance to a trayless approach to campus meals that would, in the end, be accepted (previous changes such as May Term and campus building signage cited as precedents – they met initial resistance and then were accepted).
  • Interested in possibility of IWU joining a group of area businesses and the Town of Normal to set up a Zip Car system and believes students would be likely to use them.

Last updated: January 13, 2009