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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Welcome to the Counseling and Consultation Services Alcohol and Other Drugs Page.  This is a valuable resource for members of the IWU community.


Alcohol Use

It may surprise you to know that not every college student chooses to use alcohol.  At IWU, about 35% of the student body report that on the average week they typically do not consume alcohol.  There are many choices students can make when it comes to using alcohol – from abstinence to intoxication.  If you consider the harm reduction approach and what constitutes moderate drinking you will greatly reduce the negative consequences and impairment often associated with over use of alcohol.

If you do choose to drink, it is advised to know your limits and stick within those limits.  Below are some resources and screening instruments to help you understand your relationship with alcohol.  You will find information on underage drinking laws, alcohol screening instruments, facts about alcohol and other information that will help you understand how to stay within healthy limits.  We encourage you to enjoy your time here at IWU in ways that will keep you safe and healthy and not impede on your personal and academic aspirations.


Illinois Wesleyan University's Alcohol and Substance Policy
Alcohol Policy/Judicial Guidelines and Compliance information
concerning the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act (EDGAR Part 86)


Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social Hosts

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Alcohol and Drug Resource Links: