Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez '15

Student Profile

Leo Martinez ’15

Choosing Illinois Wesleyan: From the passionate professors and supportive coaches to the students and friendly custodians, everyone here is somebody. IWU was exactly what I needed: great people and a great campus.

Within the business major, what drew you to the concentration in management? I’ve been able to apply the skills I’ve learned to several business environments, from small start-ups to a Fortune 500 company.

Favorite class: Actually, two.  “Introduction to Religious Thought” with Professor Robert Erlewine. I’ve never seen a professor so passionate and intense, especially at 8 o’clock in the morning. The other is “Seminar in Management/Trial Class” with Professor Rob Kearney. We pick a real-life case that has been filed in court but not yet decided. We break into groups representing the plaintiffs and defendants, take the whole semester to go through the motions a real lawyer would, and present the case in court in front of a real judge at the end of the semester. Some students take it to help them decide if law school is for them, or not.

Work world: I had three internships as a student. The first one, with JCPenney, showed me the ins and outs of managing a retail store. The second was here on campus for a business venture that was started by two other IWU students. I got to see how a small business gets off the ground. The third was as an Enterprise Technology Services intern for Progressive Insurance in Colorado. I definitely recommend people intern for Fortune 500 companies; it’s a great experience.

After graduation: Progressive offered me a full-time position. I’ll move to Colorado Springs and work as a systems engineer for Progressive Insurance. I also plan to get my MBA after I work for a while. 

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Students in the Department of Business Administration have a wide range of opportunities to undertake learning and leadership roles, both in and out of the classroom. The leaders of each organization are primarily responsible for planning a variety of activities for its members and the IWU community as a whole.

The members and entire IWU community benefit from informational speakers, panel discussions, and trips to various corporations and firms. 

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