Business Administration

Risk Management Minor

As a risk management minor, you'll benefit from Bloomington's status as a national insurance center. The city hosts the State Farm corporate headquarters and the Country Companies Insurance & Financial Services home office, providing you with excellent internship and post-graduation employment opportunities.

Our risk management courses include analysis of issues in social and financial policy related to risk management and insurance, especially issues of government regulation, and examination of public and private provisions of protection against life span and health uncertainty, with a focus on contemporary public policy issues, including health care reform and Social Security.

Risk Management Minor Course Requirements

Six units include:

  1. ACC 112 - Accounting for Decision Making I
  2. ACC 212 - Accounting for Decision Making II
  3. FIS 200 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
  4. FIS 304 - Risk Management and Property/Liability Insurance Seminar
  5. FIS 307 - Life/Health/Social Insurance
  6. FIS 408 - Seminar in Risk Management and Insurance