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Hispanic Studies Minor for Business Majors

Barcelona 2011
IWU students in front of Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, one of Barcelona’s many architectural landmarks, during a semester in Spain. 

Hispanic Studies Minor for Business Majors

Illinois Wesleyan offers a formal minor in Hispanic Studies as a complement to the bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Finance, Management or Marketing), Accounting, International Business or Risk Management and Insurance. The six-course minor includes work in language, literature, and culture through the University’s Department of Hispanic Studies, including specific business courses taught in Spanish.

Spanish language study will help prepare IWU business majors to meet the challenge of an increasingly diverse and global business environment.

Hispanic Studies Minor Course Requirements

Six Hispanic Studies courses beyond the basic language sequence including:

  1. Spanish 303 - Advanced Grammar and Composition

  2. Spanish 307 - Reading and Writing Culture (Formerly named Spanish 280)

  3. Spanish 308 - Introduction to Literature

  4. Spanish 250 - Business Spanish in its Cultural Context or Off-Campus Study - Spain (OCSP) 250 - Business Spanish 

  5. Two different Spanish 340 courses (.5 unit each) or OCSP 322 - Management and Ethics in a Cross-Cultural Environment or another elective

    * Maximum of two SPAN 340 courses count for the major/minor.

  6. Spanish 397 (Internship) or another elective or two different SPAN 340 courses (.5 unit each)

*While students can take as many 340 courses as they like, only two will count toward the minor. In other words, two SPAN 340 courses can fulfill either criteria 5 or 6, but not both.


All Hispanic Studies minors are strongly encouraged to enroll in the IWU Spain Program in spring of their sophomore year.

OSCP Courses are part of the IWU Spain Program.


Internship Opportunities

Hispanic Studies minors are encouraged to pursue internship opportunities available to them. Here are some recent IWU student internships in Hispanic Studies. Many of these internships allow students to experience Spanish-speaking environments in the real world.