Meet Illinois Wesleyan: Dave Marvin, Professor of Business Law

In the Department of Business Administration, we take a personal interest in your studies and in your success.

Whether your major is Business, Accounting, International Business, or Risk Management, this is your academic home. 

In our classrooms, offices, and hallways, you will find faculty who enjoy strong connections with their students.

We see Illinois Wesleyan as a special place: a place to study business in a liberal arts setting, which means teaching our students technical skills while also emphasizing written and oral expression, critical thinking, and ethics. 

Employers and graduate schools look for well-rounded students who can think independently and express themselves clearly. Our students can.

I encourage you to stop by the third floor of State Farm Hall and to start making the connections with professors that distinguish your education at Illinois Wesleyan from other schools.  We can talk about your career plans and the internships, seminars and travel courses (see Professor Hoyt’s account of his recent May Term trip to China) that will literally open up a world of possibilities to you. 

Good luck with your studies and please stop by to say hi.

Department of Business Administration

David Marvin, Chair
Illinois Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900

(309) 556-3099