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Professional Sales Degree Requirements

Major Sequence in Professional Sales:

Foundation Courses
  1. GW100: Gateway Colloquium
  2. ACC 112: Accounting for Decision Making I
  3. ACC 212: Accounting for Decision Making II
  4. ECON 100: Introduction to Economics (CSI)
  5. ECON 227: Statistics for Business and Economics 
  6. MATH 110: Finite Math, or MATH 176: Applied Ananlysis (or university credit for AP Calculus)
General Business Courses
  1. BUS 331: Marketing: Principles and Management
  2. BUS 341: Organization and Management
  3. BUS 355: Business Law I (W)
  4. BUS 490: Strategy and Policy
  5. FIS 303: Financial Management
Four Additional Courses

1. BUS 359: Advanced Relationship Driven Professional Sales

2. BUS 358: Sales Leadership + Directed Study Lab

3. BUS 338: Negotiation in Business and Sales

4. BUS 230: Relationship Driven Professional Sales + Directed Study Lab


  • Internship 397 does not count as an elective toward any major or minor
  • You may not have more than one D in the major or any minor
  • Illinois Wesleyan University requires all students to complete nine-course units at the 300 or higher level with at least four of them in the department hoursing themajor.