School of Nursing

Sigma Theta Tau (Theta Pi Chapter)

The Theta Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing, was chartered at Illinois Wesleyan University in April of 1986. The purposes of the organization are to:

Members accept the purposes of the Society and are responsible for participating in the achievement of goals consistent with the professional and scholarly character of Sigma Theta Tau. Students who have completed at least one-half of the required nursing component of the curriculum and have demonstrated outstanding ability in nursing are eligible for membership. During the spring semester, students are invited to join on the basis of academic achievement within the following parameters: 1) Third Year Students- a cumulative GPA following fall semester of 3.0; 2) Fourth Year Students - a cumulative GPA following fall semester of 3.0; and, 3) Rank not lower than the highest 35% of the class.

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