Army ROTC Nurse Scholarship


Army ROTC 4, 3, and 2 year scholarships provide financial assistance to nursing students who desire to become a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and commissioned officer in the United States Army.  Army nurses provide nursing leadership and quality nursing care, both in peacetime and during contingency operations within a professional military system and in support of the mission of the Army Medical Department. 

The Army Nurse Corps is highly competent and knowledgeable in core nursing skills, dedicated to be the premiere nursing organization in our country, which provides leadership to the Army Medical Department, and provides professional and compassionate care to our Army families. 

Army ROTC Scholarships pay the full cost of Illinois Wesleyan University nursing students’ tuition and fees, and provide a living allowance between $300 and $500 per month depending upon the nursing students’ academic standing.   

Candidates must be full-time students, be medically and morally qualified, and be U.S. Citizens. 

Contact the Illinois State University ROTC Department at (309) 438-5408 or at if the opportunity to serve your nation as a nurse appeals to you.

Adam Lienhop, '14,  an ROTC Army Cadet junior nursing major states:

"I joined ROTC my Freshman year at Illinois Wesleyan University and despite my initial concerns, I quickly realized the tremendous opportunities that lay before me and the incredible people I would meet along the way. From classroom instruction to field training exercises, and most recently a month long adventure in Ft. Lewis, Washington, I have learned lessons and enjoyed experiences which my peers may never have. With the guidance of the instructors in the Military Science Department close by at ISU, and all of the truly remarkable people I have met through ROTC, I have gained a sense of confidence and an understanding of leadership that I never imagined possible."

"But, the most exciting opportunity provided to me through ROTC is still yet to come. This summer (the summer between my Junior and Senior year) I will be participating in NSTP (Nurse Summer Training Program) at Tripler Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii! NSTP is a one month long internship provided by Army ROTC to nursing students, designed to introduce us to Army Nursing and allow us to practice our clinical skills and gain precious experience taking care of patients. There I will practice my skills and hone my decision making with more autonomy and responsibility than a traditional clinical can provide. I could not be more excited for the lessons I will get to learn this summer and the opportunities and adventures that still lie ahead of me as an Army Nurse."