Spanish Language Minor Courses and Descriptions

If you have a strong background in Spanish language study enroll in a Spanish minor offered by the Department of Hispanic Studies in cooperation with the School of Nursing.

  • A 6 course minor prepares you to provide nursing care to Spanish speaking clients in the United States and the global community

  • Enroll in campus classes in Spanish concurrently with the nursing curriculum

  • Study in Mexico at the Center for Bilingual, Multicultural Studies in Cuernavaca, Mexico with

    • Immersion in the Spanish language and culture in May term or in summer; live with Mexican families; study health care in Mexico

    • Spanish/nursing internships in the U.S.A. or in Mexico, working directly with  Spanish-speaking health care professionals and clients in hospitals, clinics, or home care agencies

  • Study abroad for a semester in Barcelona, Spain

    All nursing majors taking the Spanish Minor should meet with the Chair, Hispanic Studies to discuss the program of study, including plans for travel abroad


Spanish Minor Course Requirements:

The Spanish Minor consists of six courses in Spanish at or above the 203 level, including:

  • Spanish 303
  • Spanish 307
  • Spanish 308
  • Two electives at or above the 203 level
  • Spanish 397(internship) OR Spanish 230.


Spanish 303: Advanced Grammar and Composition

Thorough review of basic problems of grammar and vocabulary with focus on nuances of word choice. Study of all tenses of the subjunctive. Writing assignments increase in complexity and length, involving comparison and contrast, persuasion, hypothetical argument and literary analysis. Prerequisite: Spanish 203 or equivalent. Offered each semester.

Spanish 307: Reading and Writing Culture

In this assignment-based course, students will develop and strengthen reading and writing skills in Spanish, use writing as a tool for discovery, and be introduced to information literacy (accessing authoritative, quality information; using information ethically, and understanding MLA-style conventions).  Prerequisite: 201 or equivalent.  Offered each semester.

Spanish 308: Introduction to Literature

An introduction to the literary analysis of Spanish texts. Major authors, themes, and genres from both Latin America and Spain are included, with basic concepts of contemporary literary criticism and theory. Prerequisite: Spanish 203. Offered each fall.

Spanish 230: Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Health Care -OR- Spanish 397*

Spanish 230 is designed for students planning to work in health care and who want to acquire more skills in medical Spanish. We will discuss Hispanic culture in the U.S., particularly how it relates to health care. Students will participate in an informal internship at a local community clinic. Prerequisite:  201 or equivalent.  Offered each spring.

Spanish 397: Internship*

Opportunities to apply linguistic and cultural skills in a prefessional context in a wide variety of professional areas and locations including local, domestic, and international sites.  Prerequisite: 303 and consent of instructor.  Offered as needed.
*Spanish 397 is available to students who:
1.  Have exceptional Spanish skills (they will be tested on-site to determine whether they can proceed with the internship) and,
2.  The internship must follow the norms established at IWU, specifically with a minimum of 120 hours to be fulfilled over a 2 month period.

Several of these courses can be met through study abroad at the Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Students interested in earning credit for two classes toward the minor must study for a minimum of 4 weeks, but preferably 6 weeks.

Study Abroad (Barcelona, Spain; second semester of sophomore year in the nursing sequence) can be used to begin or enhance Spanish language skills at all levels.