Hispanic Studies MinorA Hispanic Studies minor prepares students for an ever growing job market.

The Need For Spanish Speaking Nurses

Illinois Wesleyan offers a formal minor in Hispanic Studies as a complement to the bachelor of science in nursing. The six-course minor includes work in language, literature, and culture through the University’s Department of Hispanic Studies, including a medical Spanish course where linguistic and cultural skills are put to use in a professional context.

All nurses must be prepared to provide culturally competent nursing care. Spanish language study will help prepare IWU nursing graduates to meet that challenge.

  • The Hispanic/Latino population is the second largest and fastest growing minority in the United States
  • By 2030, one of five Americans will be Hispanic/Latino
  • Mexican-Americans comprise over 60% of that population
  • Illinois is one of 10 states with a large Hispanic/Latino population, comprising 22% of the population in Chicago
  • Hispanic/Latinos are underrepresented in nursing education - under 3%
  • Wesleyan graduates practice in areas where many Hispanic/Latinos speak Spanish as a primary language
  • Wesleyan graduates working throughout the country report the need for language skills as registered nurses

Hispanic Studies Minor for Nursing Majors

If you have a strong background in Spanish language study:

  • Declare a Hispanic Studies minor offered by the Hispanic Studies Department in cooperation with the School of Nursing

All nurses must be prepared to provide culturally competent nursing care. Spanish language study will help prepare IWU nursing graduates to meet that challenge. Hispanic Studies offers several options to meet minor requirements:

Spanish 230: Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Healthcare - Professor Carolyn Nadeau talks about how students who take the course spend time each week in a local health clinic, working with Spanish-speaking residents to gain cultural competency and practice specialized vocabulary for body systems and public health issues.
  • Study Abroad as an IWU student while living in:

Barcelona, Spain:during the sophomore year, spring semester, with immersion in Spanish language and culture while living with host families in Barcelona. As part of the IWU Spain Program, students take courses offered in Spanish through Barcelona International College (BIC) while taking IWU nursing courses and participating in clinical observation experiences.

Santiago, Chile; during May term or summer through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES Abroad)

  • Campus classes in Spanish
  • Spanish/nursing internships in the USA or in Mexico
  • Direct patient care experiences with Spanish-speaking health care professionals and patients in hospitals, clinics, or home care agencies

Como estudiante de enfermería y español, he encontrado que tomar cursos de español me ha dado la oportunidad de aprender sobre una cultura diferente que me abre una ventana a la diversidad de nuestra sociedad. He llegado a amar el reto que crea hablar un idioma diferente y he encontrado que el conocimiento de la lengua español a puede ser muy beneficioso en mi capacidad de dar atención a otros en un ambiente médico. He disfrutado especialmente la clase Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Health Care que me ha permitido tener muchas oportunidades de hablar con pacientes hispanohablantes en una clínica local.

Kristen, '13

As a nursing student with a Hispanic Studies minor, I have found that taking Spanish courses has provided me an opportunity to learn about a culture other than my own, allowing me a window into the diversity of our society. I have grown to love the challenge speaking a different language creates and have found that knowing the Spanish language can be very beneficial in my ability to give care to others in a medical setting. I have especially enjoyed the Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency for Health Care class that has allowed me to have many opportunities to talk with Spanish speaking patients in a local clinic.

Kristen, '13


Spanish Language Minor Course Requirements

Spanish Language Option for Nursing Major