Faculty of the IWU School of Nursing looked into forming an IWU Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) as a way to recognize and foster the outstanding achievement of nursing students, and nurses at Illinois Wesleyan University (IWU) and in the community.                                           

September 21, 1981: Investigation into forming a Chapter of STTI began, and soon there after STTI recommended an honor society with steFirst inductionering committee be formed. 

May 1, 1983: The first members of the STTI Honor Society of Nursing were inducted (107 members).

Apr il 29, 1984: A second induction ceremony was held for 26 new members.

May 1984: A charter application was requested from National Sigma Theta Tau Headquarters. 

April 1986: The Theta Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International was formed. Annette Lueckenotte was named President. (A list of the charter members is displayed in Stevenson Hall, Shanks Lounge (School of Nursing Building, IWU Campus).

1987: The Theta Pi Chapter Scholarship and Research Committees were formed.

1996: The Annette Lueckenotte Research Grant and the Charla Renner Student Leadership Intern Program/Award were originated.


Past Presidents of Theta Pi Chapter:

Annette Lueckenotte (1985-1987)
Sharie Metcalfe (1987-1989)
Charla Renner (1989-1991)
Deborah Finfgeld (1991-1993)
Jan Knollenberg (1993-1995)
Laura Koppenhoefer (1995-1997)
Cathy Covertson-Anderson (1997-1999)
Barb McLaughlin-Olson (1999-2001)
Sharie Metcalfe (2001-2003)
Beth Kimmerling (2003-2005)
Shauna Bivens (2005-2007)
Brenda Eden (2007-2009)
Chelsea Yontz-Duke (2009-2011)
Kim Schultz (2011-2014)
Ann Eckhardt (2014-2016)
Noel Kerr (2016-2018)
Ann Eckhardt (2018-2020)
Marita Landreth (2020-2021)
Victoria Folse (2021 - 2023)