Students are able to do collaborative research with faculty — bringing their own research ideas to reality, or collaborating with faculty members’ ongoing projects.

Student Research and Honors Projects

Students have the opportunity to perform independent or collaborative research and pursue Honors Projects. The John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference, held in April each year, provides a public forum where students may present their research projects.

Scholarships are available to support student research, such as the Eckley Summer Scholars and Artists Endowment. Molly Guenette '14, a 2013 Eckley winner, looked at job satisfaction in Illinois school nurses.

The Student Honors Papers collection represents exemplary work in nursing at Illinois Wesleyan University. The Ames Library is proud to archive these and other honors projects in Digital Commons @ IWU, the University's online archive of student, faculty and staff scholarship and creative activity.

Kristy Strong
Kristy Strong

Student Research Spotlight

Kristy Strong '13

Kristy Strong presented her senior honors research, "Assessing Undergraduate Nursing Students' Knowledge, Attitudes and Cultural Competency in Caring for LGBT Patients," at IWU's annual student research conference.

Strong examined the effectiveness of an educational intervention conducted at Illinois Wesleyan University that aimed to improve knowledge level and attitudes of nursing students toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patients.

The educational intervention focused on key terminology, health disparities, medical needs of transgender patients and culturally sensitive communication skills necessary for competent LGBT patient care. The results of this study will provide direction for future educational programs promoting cultural competence for healthcare providers regarding LGBT patients.