School of Nursing

Human Services Course Requirements and Descriptions

The Human Services Management Minor consists of the following:




Course Descriptions:

Econ100 - Introduction to Economics
Survey of microeconomic and macroeconomic principles. Includes analysis of individual and public setor behavior in product and resource markets and surveys applied areas. Also explores the performance of the entire economy with an emphasis on economic growth, employment and inflation. Offered each semester.

AD112 - Accounting for Decision Making I
An introduction to business through the lens of financial and managerial accounting -- an information processing system that communicates relavant data regarding business entities to internal and external decision makers. Emphasizes the basic concepts, priciples, and techniques for decision makers to interpret and use accounting system information within all functional areas of business and the use of information systems generally within organizations. Offered each semester.

Insurance 200 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
Exploration of behavior under uncertainty. Overview of personal and corporate exposure to risk. Examination of tools used to manage risk. Investigation of current topics in Risk Management and Insurance. Offered each semester.

AD332 - Marketing in Services Industries and Not-for-Profit-Organizations
Marketing problems and strategies in service organizations, including retailers, hospitals, not-for-profit agencies, banking and arts organizations. Prerequisites: AD331 or Arts management/Human Services Management minor or consent of instructor. Offered annually.

AD341 - Organization and Management
An introduction to organization theory and fundamental considerations of planning, organizing, and controlling organizations. Focus is on theories of motivation, perception, communication, decision making, group behavior, leadership, control tools, and change as they relate to the practicing manager in business, government, hospitals, and schools. Open to juniors and seniors only. Offered each semester.

AD344 - Human Resources Management
The role of human resources management and its effects on individuals as managers or employees. Case studies are used extensively. Individual and group behavior are investigated. Prerequisite: AD341 or consent of instructor. Offered annually.