Nursing Minors

In the School of Nursing, students have the opportunity to pursue minors in various fields, including Human Services Management, Health, and Spanish. Nursing majors can complete a minor with the requirements for the BSN in four years of academic study. Interested students should contact the Director of the School of Nursing.

Qualified nursing majors may elect a minor in Human Services Management offered by the Division of Business and Economics. This minor offers an educational pathway leading to entry level management positions in nursing, following appropriate clinical experience, or to graduate study in nursing service administration and/or business administration.

A Health minor is also available for nursing students. This minor places emphasis upon the individual's understanding of health issues and self-care practices and choices. This latter focus is consistent with a philosophical view of health espoused by the School of Nursing faculty. While an emphasis is placed on the individual's personal lifestyle, a view of the import of health at the societal level is also addressed.

A third option for students is to emphasize Spanish language study, with a six-course minor. This minor is very popular with the increasing demand for Spanish speaking nurses in the United States and the global community.

A Public Health Minor is another option for nursing students.