Interventions Lab

Nursing Interventions Lab

Superb facilities at the School of Nursing include the Nursing Interventions Laboratory, which enables students to practice and develop the types of skills they will use in interacting with patients in a variety of care settings.

The Lab provides a setting in which students use a variety of resources including digital  media, computers, supplies, and equipment in simulated situations, allowing students to develop experience in critical thinking and decision-making in an environment which is caring, supportive, and encouraging.

Katie Brown, '13 comments: "I decided to come to IWU because we start working in the hospital setting sophomore year, when most schools start junior year.  By the time I ended first semester of sophomore year, I already knew how to perform a full head-to-toe assessment on a patient.  I even consider being a nursing major here a hobby because I am in the lab every day practicing my skills and it's actually FUN.  Just wait, you'll be proud to say you're a nursing major here too."

Noted equipment in the laboratory includes SimMan and Nursing Anne Manikin.

Watch a video clip about SimMan