Nursing Anne

Gaumard Newborn Hal

"Baby Hal" is a high fidelity newborn manufactured by Gaumard.  He or she is an untethered manikin who can be left in the simulated nursery, or go to class for demonstration.  Baby Hal can simulate many newborn experiences, with a functioning umbilical cord, lung sounds, heart sounds, seizures and a loud cry.  Scenarios with Newborn Hal are done in both junior and senior year, for pediatric then mother/baby courses.  Seniors have the option of completing the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), practicing with the manikin.

Nursing Anne Manikin

“Nursing Anne” is the first female manikin in the Nursing Interventions Lab.

Anne makes heart, lung and bowel sounds, which can be altered to represent different physical conditions the students are learning to assess. Using Nursing Anne, students learn to conduct breast exams, start an IV or draw blood from her “veins,” practice giving injections or check a carotid pulse.  Nursing Anne has an adolescent child with all of her features, who also resides in the Nursing Intervention Laboratory.