Self Learning Modules

Self-Learning Modules and Competency Testing

Self-Learning Modules are activities in which a student is guided through skill development by various media including texts, literature, video, audio, and computer programs. The modules have been designed by the nursing faculty to coordinate with the curriculum, thus each class has specific objectives in which the student must demonstrate proficiency.

Competency Testsare performed skill exams after all modules are completed.  No prompts or correction are allowed from the observer.

Sophomore, junior and senior nursing majors have completed all skills testing in the lab for this semester.  Head to toe examinations, to include all cranial nerves, reflexes, breath and heart sounds, palpation, and percussion were performed on a partner during testing.

Juniors have completed several sterile technique skills, including wound care.  They are proficient at giving IV medications, which has allowed them to administer IV meds in the clinical setting.

Seniors have completed all their skills testing in the nursing intervention lab, including Packed Red Blood Cell (PRBC's) administration where the patient had one of several reactions.  A number of simulations have been performed; an important learning tool for our students.