Fourth Year Courses and Descriptions

Nursing 400-Nursing in Complex Situations
Focuses on care of multiple individuals, care of the critically ill, and those at end of life.  Emphasizes ability to monitor, evaluate, revise and coordinate patient centered care.  Expands need to manage time and prioritize competing demands.  Integrates evidence-based practice and health information technology to provide cost-effective quality care.   Prerequisites: Nursing 360, Nursing 380, Nursing 385. Offered each fall. 

Nursing 430-Maternal and Newborn Nursing
Manages care for childbearing families experiencing normal and high-risk pregnancies in various settings.  Roles of professional nurse in promoting physical and psychosocial behaviors to prevent health problems are emphasized.  Applies legal, ethical, spiritual, and cost-benefit considerations when examining technologies related to reproductive health choices.  Prerequisites: N360, N380 and N385.  Offered each fall.

Nursing 450-Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care 
Examines nurses' leadership/management role in the health care delivery system. Practicum provides opportunity to design and regulate nursing systems in collaboration with other health care workers. Emphasis is placed on assuming accountability for multiple patients/teams of caregivers and expansion of leadership skills.  Opportunities for implementing quality improvement and staff development project provided.  Prerequisites: Nursing 400 and 430 and Business Administration (AD) 341. Offered each spring.

Nursing 460-Public Health Nursing
Applies epidemiological concepts in the analysis of health promotion and maintenance of populations.  Emphasis is placed on concepts of social justice, disparities in health and health care, and vulnerable and culturally diverse populations.  Use of informatics to provide care that is evidence-based to improve health of the community is required.  Prerequisites: Nursing 400 and 430. Offered each spring.

Nursing 485-Seminar in Professional Nursing
Examines contemporary global healthcare issues and explores personal values in relation to those of the profession.  Study of health care policy, principles of social justice, and political action provides methods for active world citizenship.  A senior thesis provides opportunity for in depth analysis and dissemination of current healthcare issues.  Prerequisites: Nursing 360, 380, 385 and a course from Analysis of Values Category. Offered annually.