Four Year Course Schedule

First Year

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

May Term

BIO 107:  Human Biology: Anatomy & Physiology (with lab)  (1.25)

BIO 108:  Human Biology: Anatomy & Physiology (with lab) (1.25)

General Education/Elective (1)

Gateway Colloquium (1)

BIO 114:  The Microbial World (with lab) (1.25)

CHEM 110: Basic Chemistry (with lab) (1.25)

PSYC 101: Lifespan Human Development (1)

Human Nutrition (1)

General Education/Elective (1)

Physical Education

Physical Education

Second Year

N214:  Nursing and Society (1) N218:  Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II (1) Travel -- international
or domestic
N217: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I (1) N280:  Nursing Foundations II:  Health Promotion and Risk Reduction (1.25) --or--General Education/Elective (1)
N260:  Nursing Foundations I:  Health Assessment and Professional Communication (1.25) General Education/Elective (2)
General Education /Elective (1)

Third Year

N320:  Adult Nursing I (1) N380:  Adult Nursing II (1) Travel-international
or domestic
N330:  Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (1) N360:  Child and Adolescent Nursing (1) --or--

General Education/Elective (1)

N385:  Research in Nursing Practice (1) General Education /Elective (2)
General Education/Elective (1)

Fourth Year

N400:  Nursing in Complex Nursing Situations (1) N450: Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care (1) Internship/Travel- (1) Graduation or Post-Graduation
AD341: Organization & Management (1) N460: Public Health Nursing (1)
General Education/Elective (1) N485: Seminar in Professional Nursing (1) (either 1st or 2nd semester)
General Education/Internship/ Honors Research/Elective (1)

This is the schedule for the general nursing program. During May, many students study special topics in nursing and health care through travel courses such as Transcultural Nursing in Hawaii. Individualized internships may be completed at any time during the school year or during May Term. Spanish internships may be completed in Mexico or at domestic clinical sites.

Note: 32 course units are needed for graduation. (1 course unit equals 4 semester hours).