Example Four-Year Course Plan

Nursing Four-Year Course Plan

This is an example course plan based on the 2022-2023 University Catalog; your actual schedule may deviate from this example. Your faculty advisor will work with you to select appropriate courses.

As an IWU student, it is your responsibility to track your progress each semester towards completing graduation requirements using the MyIWU degree audit tool.

Year 1
Year 2

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

May Term

* Study Abroad is recommended for the Spring semester of your second year. Please check with your advisor for options.

Year 3
Year 4


Study Abroad

All nursing majors are encouraged to take a Language Placement Test. All Hispanic Studies minors and students
planning to study abroad are required to take the Language Placement Exam. The IWU Spain Program in Barcelona
is an option for second semester sophomores who have an intermediate level of Spanish proficiency. Other study
abroad options are available for May Term and Summer.

Additional Information
  • This is the schedule for the general nursing program. During May, many students study special topics in nursing and health care through travel courses such as Transcultural Nursing in Hawaii. Individualized internships may be completed at any time during the school year or during May Term. Spanish internships may be completed in Mexico or at domestic clinical sites.
  • Nursing majors will be placed in the following required courses by the Registrar's Office: BIOL 107 (not the
    lab); CHEM 110 including lab, HLTH 230, and Gateway (if possible).
    • However, students must select a BIOL 107 lab as several options are available.
  • Gateway: First-year nursing majors have few options for fall term. However, if they are not placed in a
    Gateway Colloquium by the Registrar's Office, they will have the option of other general education courses
    or those related to a course with minor study.
  • All first-year nursing majors should meet their physical education requirements during the first two
    semesters, and May term.
  • Nursing majors should be encouraged to enroll as follows:
    • Fine arts course, particularly during May term.
    • Gateway in the fall (Gateways are limited in spring).
    • Writing intensive, May Term of the first year or Fall of sophomore year.