Students enter the program as freshmen with a major in nursing and do not need to reapply to enter the nursing sequence, which begins in the sophomore year. 

Candidates for admission to the School of Nursing will be evaluated by the criteria required for admission to the College of Liberal Arts, where the major emphasis is placed on academic achievement. For those applying as freshmen:

  • Fifteen academic units within the areas of English, foreign language, mathematics, laboratory science and social science.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average based on a 4.0 scale.
  • Results of the SAT-I or the ACT showing comparable aptitude.
  • Student activities.

In addition to the above, it is recommended that candidates for admission to the School of Nursing have a strong preparation in the sciences, and at a minimum should have completed, upon graduation from high school, one year each of biology, chemistry, algebra, and geometry.  It is highly recommended that students have three years of high school math, and, a science in the senior year.

"This summer I will have an internship at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL, where I will spend two weeks in each of their four surgical areas.  Having completed three years in the nursing program with two of these in clinical rotations, has allowed me to develop the confidence to independently represent IWU in my intern role."  Kayla Stubbe, '16

Guidelines for assessing nursing skills for prospective students are outlined in the School of Nursing Student Handbook (pdf) in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Transfer Students

Prospective students wishing to transfer into the School of Nursing must meet transfer requirements.

Campus Visits

All students interested in applying to Illinois Wesleyan University’s School of Nursing are encouraged to schedule a campus and School of Nursing visit.  Campus visits may be arranged by contacting the Recruitment Coordinator, Ms. Kim Schultz, BSN, RN, at the School of Nursing or the  Admissions Office. To best learn about the opportunities for students at IWU, your visit should include time at the School of Nursing, a meeting with an Admission counselor, and a campus tour.  Please plan to arrive no later than 1PM if possible on weekdays.  Saturday visits are scheduled in the mornings, and School of Nursing staff are generally not available.  School of Nursing students welcome anyone coming to visit our nursing lab while on tour, and it is advised that you request this if here on a Saturday. 

Once students have applied, they are encouraged to return to campus to visit a nursing class and spend time with nursing students.  Nursing classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, beginning at 9AM.  Contact the Recruitment Coordinator to schedule a class visit.

Open House

Campus Open Houses are also an ideal way to visit the university and explore a major area of interest.  Faculty Open Houses allot a fair amount of time to individual majors, including nursing.  Along with receiving general university information, you will meet and talk with nursing students and faculty, plus tour our Nursing Interventions lab.

Campus Faculty Open Houses:    (General Campus Open House with School of Nursing Component)  

October 2016, TBA (usually the Monday of the Columbus Day holiday)

November 2016, TBA (usually the Saturday closest to Veteran's Day)

February 20, 2016