Kinesiology and Allied Health Course Plan

Example Course Plan

This is an example course plan based on the 2022-2023 University Catalog; your actual schedule may deviate from this example. Your faculty advisor will work with you to select appropriate courses. Course descriptions can be found within the University Catalog
As an IWU student, it is your responsibility to track your progress each semester towards completing graduation requirements using the MyIWU degree audit tool.


Year 1

Fall Semester

  • BIOL 107 (lecture & lab) Human Biology: Anatomy Physiology (LSL)
  • Gateway Colloquium
  • General Education Course 
  • Second Language
  • Physical Education (PEX)

Spring Semester

  • BIOL 108 (lecture & lab) Human Biology: Anatomy Physiology
  • General Education Course (or Gateway if not completed in the Fall semester)
  • General Education Course 
  • Second Language Course
  • Physical Education (PEY/PE Fit)

May Term

  • HLTH 230: Human Nutrition (optional)
Year 2

Fall Semester 

  • PETH 325: Kinesiology
  • HLTH 101: Intro to Public Health (LSI, U) or General Education Course 
  • General Education Course
  • Second Language Course
  • Physical Education (PEY)
  • HLTH 300 Achieving Wellness

Spring Semester 

  • HLTH 280: Perspectives in Global Health
  • PETH 326: First Aid and Athletic Training


Study Abroad

For students interested in studying abroad, they should work with their faculty advisor in determining the ideal semester.  

Additional Information
  • If students do not take BIOL 107-108 during their first year, they should take it during their second year.
  • The upper-level required courses for this major are offered on a rotating basis, so students are encouraged to work with their advisor to ensure requirements can be completed.