Faculty News


Kerr, Searing Receive Nurse Educator Fellowships
Two School of Nursing faculty members have been awarded Nurse Educator Fellowships from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


Green's Composition to Premiere at Carnegie Hall
A composition by Illinois Wesleyan Provost Jonathan Green will receive its world premiere at Carnegie Hall as part of the Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) Artist Series.


Book Writes Brazilian Women Back into History
A new book by Prof. Carole Myscofski provides a rare look at Catholic colonial views of the ideal woman, patterns in women's education, religious views on marriage and sexuality, and the development of magical practices among women in the colonial era of Brazil.


Professor from South Africa Remembers Mandela
Wesleyan's William Munro, a native of South Africa, reflects on the nearly incomparable moral authority of Nelson Mandela, who died Dec. 5, in The Pantagraph.


National Physics Association Honors Spalding
Professor of Physics Gabe Spalding will receive the Homer L. Dodge Citation for Distinguished Service to the American Association of Physics Teachers for his contributions to laboratory education.


Titans Lend a Hand in the Philippines
Wesleyan's Teddy Amoloza and student organizations are working to raise funds to build a new home for survivors of typhoon Haiyan.


Spalding To Receive National Physics Award
Professor of Physics Gabriel C. Spalding will be honored by the American Physical Society (APS) for his efforts to expand laboratory instruction nationwide for undergraduate students.

Book cover

Gearhart's Book Fills Gap in Kenyan History
A new book by Wesleyan's Rebecca Gearhart and Linda Giles gives voice to the Mijikenda, whose experiences have received less attention than the better-known Swahili people.


Halloween Candy: A "Rich, Dark" History
In his course, "The Social History of a Candy Bar," Wesleyan's William Munro traces the complexities of chocolate's journey in becoming a worldwide commodity.


Vayo Composes Inventive Piece Inspired by Nature
Wesleyan's David Vayo composed "Winter Into Spring" amid the mountains of Wyoming while an artist in residence during his sabbatical semester.