BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Three new programs will be offered to Illinois Wesleyan University students beginning in the fall of 2024, in addition to new certificates. 

These offerings join more than 100 majors, minors and concentrations currently available for students


The Criminology major will focus on the sociological study of crime and the criminal-legal system. In addition to a core sociological foundation, this interdisciplinary program includes offerings from courses in psychology, chemistry, English, philosophy and political science.

Associate Professor Sociology and Interim Chair of Sociology Courtney Irby said this program is well-suited for students interested in careers within law, social services, law enforcement and forensics. 

“We’re envisioning this as a program that allows students to embrace the interdisciplinary liberal arts experience. That helps us ensure we’re producing a well-rounded individual that thinks about the criminal justice system, not just in terms of how do we incarcerate people, but what are those consequences and patterns, how do we explain them, and how do we ensure we are being thoughtful about the question of incarceration, justice and law,” said Irby. 

Supply Chain Management

student pointing to equation written on white board
A student studies an equation in a business economics class taught by Bryan McCannon. 

Supply Chain Management involves strategically planning, coordinating, and optimizing the flow of goods, services, information, and finances from suppliers to end customers through various distribution channels. The program will educate students to develop creative solutions, convert data into actionable decisions, and manage the impact those decisions have on stakeholders.

Dean of the School of Business and Economics Bryan McCannon said the importance of successful supply chain management has been made clear in recent years during disruptions and delays at ports or product shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interest in studying supply chain management has grown nationwide, said McCannon, placing IWU among the leading institutions launching the program. 

“There is strong demand for individuals with knowledge of the supply chain as its importance in business operations is now made clear. Someone graduating with a major in supply chain management can be hired directly into a management role handling the purchasing, inventory control, transportation and logistics, and numerous other essential business operations,” said McCannon. 


A degree in Communication will focus on public relations, strategic communication and journalism, preparing students for careers with media companies, sports organizations, government agencies, foundations and not-for-profit groups. Students will develop skills for traditional and new media forms, such as visual media, digital and print journalism, social and interactive media. 

“A distinctive feature of this program is an array of co-curricular activities that support student interests in various types of media, from creating radio and livestream broadcasts, to writing and editing for the student newspaper and student-edited journals, to on-campus internships in communications and public relations,” said Robert Harrington Endowed Professor of English and Chair of English Michael Theune.  

The program could be complemented with a minor in Creative Writing, Film Studies or Graphic Design, or as a double major with Business or English-Writing.

"While providing excellent professional training, this major is bound up with the liberal arts education students receive at Illinois Wesleyan, preparing students to communicate thoughtfully and persuasively about what matters to them, equipping them to give voice to what they value," added Theune.

In addition to these three new majors, academic certificates in Dance and Intercultural Competence will be available beginning in the fall semester.