University Celebrates Employee Anniversaries, Retirements

April 13, 2020

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and celebrated employees with milestone anniversaries, virtually, during Employee Appreciation Week. See Recognition Videos.

Kent Cook, School of Music
Lynda Duke, Office of the Associate Provost
Linda French, Physics Department
Edilia Garcia, Physical Plant
Roger Garrett, School of Music
Nina Gordon, School of Music
Fred Hoyt, Business Administration Department
Melvyn Jeter, Mathematics Department
Vadim Mazo, School of Music
Mike Seeborg, Economics Department
David Vayo, School of Music

Milestone Anniversaries
35 years
Robert Frank, Physical Plant
Lawney Gruen , Physical Plant
Jay Langhoff, Physical Plant
Scott Seibring, Financial Aid Office

30 years
Teddy Amoloza, Sociology and Anthropology Department
David Gentry, Campus Safety Department
Jean Kerr, School of Theatre Arts
Curtis Trout, School of Theatre Arts
Bill Walsh, Business Administration Department

25 Years
Woody Braun, Physical Plant
Zahia Drici, Mathematics Department
Teresa Fish, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Eric Gordon, Campus Safety Department
Warren Kistner, Hart Career Center
Linda Kunce, Psychology Department
Gloria Redinger, The Ames Library
Ron Roth, Physical Plant
Ron Rousey, Physical Plant
Gerry Schroeder, Physical Plant

20 Years
Will Jaeckle, Biology Department
William Munro, Political Science Department
Crystal Post, Admissions

15 Years
John Bryant, Business Office
Greg Huffaker, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Jair Patino, Physical Plant
Tom Quinn, School of Theatre Arts
Tony Robbins, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics

10 Years
Leslie Betz, Office of the Registrar
Martha Bosquez, Physical Plant
Mary Coleman, Philosophy Department
Noel Kerr, School of Nursing
Marie Nebel-Schwalm, Psychology Department
Adriane Powell, Alumni Engagement
Katy Ritter, The Ames Library
Chandra Shipley, Academic Advising
Melanie Smith, Business Office

5 Years
Grant Bailey, Physical Plant
Thomas Blanchard, Philosophy Department
Bevin Choban, Action Research Center
Allecia Correll, Financial Aid Office
Maggie Evans, Educational Studies Department
Dick Folse, Grants and Foundation Relations
Kaylee Frank, Financial Aid Office
Donna Haas, Educational Studies Department
Colleen Herald, Educational Studies Department
Beth Milsteadt, Office of the Registrar
Jaime Peters, Accounting and Finance Department
Aaron Phillips, Physical Plant
James Whitehouse, Physical Plant
Aaron Wilson, Environmental Studies Department
Michelle Wu, Conference Services