University Celebrates Employee Anniversaries, Retirements

Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration.

April 5, 2019

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and celebrated employees with milestone anniversaries April 5 during the annual Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration.

Marina Balina, French, German, Italian and Japanese Languages
George Guminski, Campus Safety Department
Mike Irvin, Physical Plant
David Kistner, Counseling and Consultation Services
Jean Lieder, Advancement Office
Sandi Myers, Office of the Dean of Students
Pat Neustel, Office of the Associate Provost
Susan Savage, Business Office
Karen Schmidt, The Ames Library
Cathy Spitz, Human Resources Office

Milestone Anniversaries
40 Years
George Fish, Physical Plant
Carl Teichman, Office of the President

30 Years
Marina Balina, French, German, Italian and Japanese Languages
Chris Callahan , French, German, Italian and Japanese Languages
Dale Conover, Physical Plant
Michele Darnell, Center for Natural Science Learning and Research
Laura Dolan, School of Music
Gordon Horwitz, History Department
Nancy Loitz, School of Theatre Arts
Sheri Marley, School of Theatre Arts
Steve Novel, Physical Plant
Mike Seeborg, Economics Department
Trey Short, Information Technology Services
Susan Sombeck, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
Kelly Ullom, School of Theatre Arts
Greg Whitwood, Physical Plant

25 Years
Jeanna Brown, Physical Plant
Jenny Hand, Institutional Research and Planning
Bill Kauth, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Dave Marvin, Business and Marketing Department
Carolyn Nadeau, Hispanic Studies Department
Tari Renner, Political Science Department
Bob Schultz, History Department

20 Years
Melinda Baur, Chemistry Department
Patty Burns, Campus Safety Department
Walter Carter, Physical Plant
Paul Clark, Campus Safety Department
Kent Cook, School of Music
Kandi Currie, Campus Safety Department
Dan Dietsch, Physical Plant
Roselia Garcia, Physical Plant
Talley Gentry, Office of the Registrar
Nina Gordon, School of Music
Tony Heaton, The Ames Library
Carrie Hymer, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
Abigail Jahiel, Environmental Studies
Rebecca Mafazy, Sociology and Anthropology Department
Sue Milligan, Office of the President
Ilaria Ossella-Durbal, Economics Department
Armie Thompson, School of Theatre Arts
Loni Walker, Biology Department
Joe Williams, Psychology Department

15 Years
Mary Anderson, Physical Plant
Cheri Armstrong, Office of the Registrar
Jennifer Crider, Educational Studies
Stephanie Davis-Kahl, The Ames Library
Nora Espino, Physical Plant
Edilia Garcia, Physical Plant
Seung - Hwan Lee, Mathematics Department
Leah Nillas, Educational Studies
Adriana Ponce, School of Music
Kevin Sullivan, Religion Department

10 Years
Michele Brady, Advancement Office
Meghan Burke, Sociology and Anthropology Department
Amy Coles, History Department
Bruno deHarak, Physics Department
Kenneth Johnson, School of Theatre Arts
Mignon Jolly, Psychology Department
Edgar Lehr, Biology Department
Jean Lieder, Advancement Office
Mark Liffiton, Computer Science Department
Andrew Reddington, Financial Aid Office
Natalie Schmidt, Advancement Office
Andrew Shallue, Mathematics Department
Chris Sweet, The Ames Library
Tina Tibbitts, Information Technology Services
Michael Zehr, Information Technology Services

5 Years
Lydia Bertschi, School of Nursing
Krasondra Brooks, Physical Plant
Kate Browne, Information Technology Services
Brandon Common, Office of the Dean of Students
Shawn Cook, Physical Plant
Loralyn Cozy, Biology Department
Trey Frank III, Office of Communications
David Horine, School of Music
Lev Ivanov, School of Music
Brandon O'Grady, Physical Plant
Carlo Robustelli, Advancement Office
Kyle Schauls, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Jane Smolen, School of Music
Robert Wagner, Physics Department
Brian Wheeler, Physical Plant