University Celebrates Employee Anniversaries, Retirements

April 6, 2018

Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration
Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and celebrated employees with milestone anniversaries April 6 during the annual Faculty-Staff Recognition Celebration.

See a slideshow of honorees (accessible with IWU login)

Deb Adams, Arnold Health Services
Sharon Albee, International Office
Mary Ann Bushman, English Department
Scott Campbell, Physical Plant
Lisa Caughron, Information Technology Services
Laurie Diekhoff, Hart Career Center
Sam Embry, Physical Plant
Dan Klotzbach, Business Office
Bob Leekley, Economics Department
Jim Matthews, French and Italian Languages and Literature
Marcia McDonald, School of Theatre Arts
Sherri McElroy, School of Art
Kerri McKeown, Information Technology Services
Tim Obermiller, Office of Communications
Mauricio Parra, Hispanic Studies Department
Kim Schultz, School of Nursing
Kevin Strandberg, School of Art
Dan Terkla, English Department
Marcia Thomas, The Ames Library
George Wainwright, Physical Plant
Pat Zehr, Information Technology Services

Milestone Anniversaries
45 Years
Grant Brougher, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services

40 Years
Linda Biehl, Information Technology Services

30 Years
Dan Bixby, Campus Safety Department
Ken Detloff, Physical Plant
John Dolan, Campus Safety Department
Linda Farquharson, School of Music
Angel Garcia, Physical Plant
Michael Limacher, The Ames Library
Sherilyn McElroy, School of Art
Patra Noonan, Sociology and Anthropology Department
James Plath, English Department
Stew Salowitz, Office of Communications
Mike Weis, History Department

25 Years
Nancy Sultan, Greek and Roman Studies
Suzanne Wilson, The Ames Library

20 Years
Roy Bailey, Physical Plant
Kathie Bradley, English Department
Doug Carius, Physical Plant
Pam Cool, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services
Pam Gaddis, Physical Plant
Bob Geraty, Advancement Office
Debbie Gorden, Center for Natural Science Learning and Research
Joel Haefner, Mellon Center
Rory McGuire, Physical Plant
Neal Olomon, Campus Safety Department
Mario Pelusi, School of Music
Greg Shaw, Political Science Department
Scott Sheridan, French and Italian Languages and Literature
Mia Smith, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics

15 Years
Mark Criley, Philosophy Department
Arleta deDianous, School of Nursing
Meg Miner, The Ames Library
Shannon Wisecup, Admissions
Stephen Yaness, School of Music
10 Years
Karen Bussone, Business Administration Department
Saundra DeAthos-Meers, School of Theatre Arts
Joanne Diaz, English Department
Eva Ferguson, School of Music
Amit Ghosh, Economics Department
Pennie Gray, Educational Studies Department
Kira Guminski, Physical Plant
Christine Horner, Mellon Center
Tao Jin, Religion Department
Terri Knapp, Office of Residential Life
Maria Mejia, Chemistry Department
Douglas Meyer, Office of Residential Life
Chris Murray, Advancement Office
Thushara Perera, Physics Department
Brandi Reissenweber, English Department
Kim Schultz, School of Nursing
Mitzi Timan, School of Nursing

5 Years
Candy Anderson, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Christina Armstrong, Counseling and Consultation Services
James Blumberg, Physical Plant
Amy Burk, School of Art
Krista Cardona, Alumni Engagement
Daynali Flores-Rodriguez, Hispanic Studies Department
Ellen Furlong, Psychology Department
Matt Gentes, Physical Plant
Amanda Hopkins, School of Nursing
Lindsey Kellar, Physical Education and Varsity Athletics
Brenda Milcik, Alumni Engagement
Jeff Miller, Physical Plant
Molly Munson-Dryer, Admissions
Lisa Nelson, School of Music
Steve Ogan, Physical Plant
Ilia Radoslavov, School of Music
Molly Robey, English Department
Patrick Schroeder, Physical Plant
Karen Skolmoski, Center for Natural Science Learning and Research
Debra Stewart, Physical Plant
Liz Vales, Student Activities Office
Kimberly Zimmerman, Admissions

By John Twork