Students to Present at Summer Research Showcase

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Research projects from Illinois Wesleyan University students across disciplines will be featured at the University’s inaugural Summer Research Showcase, held as part of the monthly Ides Lecture and Performance Series from the Greek and Roman Studies department. The showcase will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 4-5 p.m. in Beckman Auditorium in Ames Library, and is free and open to the public.

Approximately 10 students from the humanities, sciences, math and business will share the current status of their research through oral presentations and posters. In the process, students who attend will learn not only about the work of their peers, but also about the many opportunities that Illinois Wesleyan offers to students interested in conducting independent research.

One such opportunity is the Eckley Summer Scholars and Artists Endowment, which accepts up to five student research proposals each year. Students are awarded a $4,000 stipend to conduct independent research on-campus during the summer, alongside a faculty advisor, and findings from this year’s Eckley scholars will be highlighted at the event.

Associate Professor of History and Director of Greek and Roman Studies Amanda Coles hopes that by holding an event to recognize the accomplishments of students who pursue research outside the classroom, other students may find the inspiration to engage in research topics at Illinois Wesleyan.

“Summer research is an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a more advanced project than can be completed in most classes,” Coles tells students. “Undergraduate students can try their hand at the sorts of projects that they might pursue in their future career, whether it’s as a small business owner, a professional academic, or a laboratory researcher.

“Even more exciting to me, summer research allows students to follow their own agendas and their own interests, which truly builds the independence of thought we value at IWU.”

The Ides Lecture and Performance Series celebrates the day of the Ides, or full moon, which the Romans dedicated to the god Jupiter. During the academic year, the Greek and Roman Studies department invites a guest speaker or performer to campus as a means of engaging the campus community.

By Rachel McCarthy ’21