University Celebrates Employee Anniversaries, Retirements

The University honored employees during its annual recognition celebration.

April 27, 2017 

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Illinois Wesleyan University honored retirees and celebrated employees with milestone anniversaries April 24 during the annual recognition celebration.

View the slideshow from the luncheon (accessible with IWU login only).


Chuck Adam, Campus Security

Mark Albright, Physical Plant

Sue Anderson, The Ames Library

Bob Delvin, The Ames Library

Patti Henderson, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty

Gary Jones, Physical Plant 

Robin Leavitt, Educational Studies Department

Sue Noonan, Hart Career Center

Dave Shiers, Physical Plant

Jim Sikora, Sociology Department

Connie Vail, Alumni Relations

Mike Weber, Physical Plant


Milestone Anniversaries

45 Years

Kathy Thilmany, Publications, Printing and Mailing Services

40 Years

Darcy Greder, Office of the Dean of Students

George Wainwright, Physical Plant


35 Years


Bob Murray, Office of Advancement

Bill West, School of Music


30 Years


Donna Baird, Physical Plant

Norm Eash, Physical Education Department

Fred Hoyt, Business Administration Department

Vadim Mazo, School of Music


25 Years


Sue Anderson,  The Ames Library

Tony Bankston, Physical Education Department

Mark Butler, Physical Plant

Carmela Ferradans, Hispanic Studies Department

Given Harper,   Biology Department

April Schultz,   History Department

Gary Schwartz  , Publications, Printing and Mailing Services

Jim Simeone, Political Science Department

Mike Wagner, Physical Education Department


20 Years


Dennis DeLong, Physical Plant

Connie Estep,  School of Art

Marie Giusti, Human Resources Office

Cynthia Honegger, Natural Sciences

Bruce Johnson, Physical Plant

Tim McKeown, Office of Advancement

Kerri McKeown, Information Technology Services

Kathleen Montgomery, Political Science Department

Tim Obermiller, Office of Communications

Rebecca Roesner, Chemistry Department

Chris Rutledge, Information Technology Services

Chris Schumacher, Physical Education Department


15 Years


Ann Aubry, Office of Communications

Kim Barnes, Physical Plant

Ryan Diener, Physical Plant

Victoria Folse,  School of Nursing

Linda French,   Physics Department

Michael Irvin,   Physical Plant

Rob Kearney, Business Administration Department

Claressa Kirkwood, Physical Plant

Bob Rogers, Counseling and Consultation Services

John Taylor, Physical Plant

Michael Theune, English Department

Robyn Walter, International Office


10 Years


Nisa Blackmon, Biology Department

Brian Brennan, Chemistry Department

Laurie Diekhoff, Hart Career Center

Marlene Gordon, Business Office

Mindy McCluskey, Physical Education Department

Tom Olsen, Information Technology Services

Karen Schmidt, The Ames Library

Brad Sheese, Psychology Department

Scott Susong, School of Theatre Arts

Jason Themanson, Psychology Department

Michael Thompson, Institutional Research and Planning


5 Years


Becky Altic, School of Nursing

Lisa Alvis, Admissions Office

Nicole Brown,  Sociology and Anthropology

Sharla Brown-Ajayi, Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty

Tammy Campbell, Physical Plant

Nawaraj Chaulagain, Religion Department

Andrew Engen, Philosophy Department

Sarah Finley Ashenbremer, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Sally Fitzgibbons, Accounting and Finance Department

Tierra Fulwiley, Physical Plant

Chris Gardner,  Information Technology Services

Joseph Getty, Physical Plant

Kim Hill, Office of Communications

William Hudson, School of Music

Zachary Iannucci, Physical Education Department

Abigail Kerr, Psychology Department

Lauren Kneip, Psychology Department

Wendy Kooken, School of Nursing

Brenna Land, Physical Plant

Ray Martinez,  Information Technology Services

Kristine Nielsen, School of Art

Ed Risinger, School of Music

Daniel Roberts, Mathematics Department

Shireen Schrock, Grants and Foundation Relations

Leslie Singh, Physical Plant

James Tribett, Physical Plant

Amy Young, Office of Communications