Illinois Wesleyan Announces Candidates for Graduation 2015

May 7, 2015  

BLOOMINGTON, ILL. – Illinois Wesleyan University honored 446 candidates for graduation during Commencement on May 3, 2015.  Recently retired chief circuit judge Elizabeth Robb, a 1978 Illinois Wesleyan graduate, delivered the Commencement address. The candidates include:




Plovdiv - Karnev, Nikolay, Cum Laude, majored in financial services.



Changsha, Hunan - Zhang, Anqi, Magna Cum Laude, majored in mathematics.

Changsha - Xu, Shanshan, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Chendu - Wang, Sen, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in philosophy.

Daqing - Zhou, Bingjie, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Nanjing - Li, Jialu, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Xian - Liu, Licen, majored in economics.

Xian - Shao, Yichen, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Zhangzhou - Liu, Qijia, majored in physics and mathematics.



Accra - Tetteh, Nii Akuetteh, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.



Pune - Kavadi, Mallika, majored in sociology and history.



Seoul - Bae, Sang, majored in business administration.



Abuja - Edem, Emaido, majored in economics.

Abuja - Ikpebe, Ene, Cum Laude, majored in economics, with research honors.

Kijabe - Adeleye, Olive-Kemi, majored in International Studies.



Karachi - Rizvi, Muhammad, majored in economics.



Subramanian, Sneha, majored in anthropology.



Hanoi - Do, Dung, majored in business administration.

Hanoi - Nguyen, Chi, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Hanoi - Nguyen, Linh, majored in financial services and economics.

Hanoi - Nguyen, Tung, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in economics and mathematics, with research honors.

Hanoi - Phan, Anh, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Hanoi - Vu Dang, Son, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.


United States of America



Irondale - Stewart, Ian, Cum Laude, majored in music theatre. He also won The John L. Clark Award in Literary Studies.



Scottsdale - Azuogu, Randy, majored in economics.

Scottsdale - Burke, Michelle, majored in business administration.



Albany - Allen, David, majored in nursing.

Palm Springs - Pogue, Anna, majored in nursing.

Richmond - Sanchez, Leslie, majored in psychology.

Thousand Oaks - Poe, Lillian, majored in nursing.

Ventura - Baird, Courtney, majored in business administration.



Arvada - Montijo, Ashley, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Denver - Kehler, Anne, majored in political science.

Lakewood - Smith, Amelia, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in psychology.



Lilburn - Cudmore, Casey, majored in acting.




Arlington Heights - Partipilo, Alexandra, majored in elementary education.

Arlington Heights - Baker, Alyssa, majored in biology.

Arlington Heights - Powers, Emily, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Arlington Heights - McCarter, Margaret, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in physics.

Arlington Heights - Hoijer, Natalie, Cum Laude, majored in orchestral instruments and mathematics. She also won The Katherine Riedelbauch Baker Music Award, with research honors.

Arlington Heights - Ciemniak, Nicole, Magna Cum Laude, majored in computer science.

Athens - Johnson, Kristen, majored in business administration.

Aurora - Wu, Catherine, majored in accounting.

Aurora - Howard, Natalie, majored in voice

Bartlett - Oswald, Jennifer, majored in theatre arts.

Batavia - Burrichter, Douglas, majored in political science.

Batavia - Goeden, Gregory, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music education.

Batavia - Astling, Mackenzie, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Batavia - Mueller, Madeline, majored in psychology and music.

Batavia - Sorenson, Samantha, majored in biology.

Belleville - Herrmann, Thomas, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Bensenville - Reaber, Kasey, majored in elementary education.

Bethalto - Dhue, Hannah, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English - writing and theatre arts. She also on The Nikki Pape President's Club Award for Excellence in Writing.

Bloomington - Frank, Amanda, majored in nursing.

Bloomington - Calamari, Arin, majored in business administration and religion.

Bloomington - Hozie, August, majored in philosophy.

Bloomington - Peterson, Austin, majored in computer science.

Bloomington - Ambler, Brittany, Cum Laude, majored in music theatre.

Bloomington - Beoletto, Emily, majored in business administration.

Bloomington - Bugg, Emily, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Bloomington - Jerome, Jeffrey, majored in accounting.

Bloomington - Darrow, Jennifer, Cum Laude, majored in accounting. She also won The Jack C. Fields Prize for Excellence in Accounting.

Bloomington - Wiggs, Joshua, majored in computer science.

Bloomington - McManus, Kaitlin, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Bloomington - Thul, Karen, Magna Cum Laude, majored in anthropology.

Bloomington - Emmert, Kelsey, majored in art and business administration. She also won The Hester Merwin Ayers Art Achievement Award.

Bloomington - Connour, Kyle, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in physics.

Bloomington - O'Daniel, Kyle, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English - writing and secondary education.

Bloomington - Emmons, Maria, majored in art.

Bloomington - Kussmann, Matthew, majored in computer science.

Bloomington - Johnson, Maxwell, majored in English - literature.

Bloomington - DeLong, Megan, majored in nursing.

Bloomington - Kistner, Michael, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in political science, with research honors.

Bloomington - Jordan, Nicholas, majored in psychology.

Bloomington - Musselman, Parker, majored in business administration.

Bloomington - Avila, Patricia, majored in business administration.

Bloomington - Bock, Rebecca, majored in business administration.

Bloomington - Shepard, Robert, majored in international business.

Bloomington - McConnell, Ryan, Cum Laude, majored in chemistry.

Bloomington - Birsa, Samuel, Cum Laude, majored in physics.

Bloomington - Ward, Theresa, majored in English - writing.

Bloomington - Coonan II, Timothy, majored in accounting.

Bourbonnais - Linman, Amelia, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Bourbonnais - Bohner II, Anthony, majored in psychology.

Bourbonnais - Barr, Collin, majored in nursing.

Bourbonnais - Mann, Cydnee, majored in nursing.

Bourbonnais - Linman, Johanna, Cum Laude, majored in interdisciplinary educ. studies.

Bourbonnais - Schweigert, Kinzie, Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Bourbonnais - Zimmer, Zachary, majored in biology.

Buckingham - Hertz, Abigail, majored in nursing.

Buffalo Grove - Feng, Justin, Cum Laude, majored in chemistry.

Byron - Isaacs, Brexton, majored in political science.

Carlyle - Buckingham, Nora, Cum Laude, majored in music composition.

Carol Stream - Berberich, Craig, majored in accounting and economics.

Carpentersville - Jenisch, Bradley, majored in Hispanic Studies and secondary education.

Carthage - Brooks, Mallory, majored in psychology.

Cary - Potosky, Emily, majored in business administration.

Cary - Schoch, Michelle, majored in business administration.

Cary - Peterson, Tyler, majored in accounting.

Champaign - Bidner, Alexandra, majored in elementary education.

Champaign - Boyd, Cecilia, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Champaign - Gelke, Ethan, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Champaign - Reardanz, Timothy, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Channahon - June, Hannah, Summa Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Charleston - Carlson, Nicholas, majored in theatre design/technology. He also won The Larry Shue Drama Award.

Chicago - Tucci, Andrea, majored in voice.

Chicago - Gast, Annmarie, Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Chicago - Bullington, Bradley, majored in risk management.

Chicago - Jacob, Britta, majored in biology.

Chicago - Cruz, Cynthia, majored in religion and sociology.

Chicago - Hurtado, Elisa, majored in biology.

Chicago - Berg, Ethan, majored in music composition.

Chicago - Williams, Frederick, majored in physics.

Chicago - Marren, John, Magna Cum Laude, majored in political science.

Chicago - Govedarica, Julie, majored in business administration.

Chicago - Green, Kelly, majored in philosophy.

Chicago - Martinez, Leobanny, majored in business administration.

Chicago - Cabrales-Vasquez, Luis, majored in sociology.

Chicago - McLoughlin, Luke, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music and English – writing, with research honors.

Chicago - Minogue, Madeline, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Chicago - Bradley, Michael, majored in political science.

Chicago - Resurreccion, Michael, majored in sociology.

Chicago - Dominguez, Michelle, majored in psychology.

Chicago - Tejeda Sanchez, Norma, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Chicago - Losos Jr., Steven, majored in international business.

Chicago - Kon, Thaddeus, majored in business administration.

Chicago Ridge - Streblo, Lauren, majored in psychology.

Chillicothe - Wilmington, Cameron, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Clinton - Morris, Chloe, majored in business administration.

Clinton - Hanes, Kayla, majored in nursing.

Collinsville - Dickey, Megan, majored in nursing.

Collinsville - Hails, Robert, majored in chemistry.

Danvers - Novakow, Alison, majored in nursing.

Danville - Peck, Emma, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in sociology.

Danville - Henwood, Meghan, Cum Laude, majored in elementary education.

Darien - Morefield, Brian, majored in English - writing.

Darien - DeSalvo III, Donald, Cum Laude, majored in history and secondary education.

Darien - Barham, Laura, majored in sociology.

Darien - DeSalvo, Matthew, majored in sociology.

Darien - DeSalvo, Meagan, majored in elementary education.

Darien - Howard, Morgan, majored in sociology.

Deer Park - Rathe, Colin, Cum Laude, majored in history and secondary education.

Deerfield - Boudreau, Allison, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Deerfield - Savin, Madeline, Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Des Plaines - Warme, Emily, majored in sociology.

Des Plaines - Klimczak, Jacklyn, Cum Laude, majored in voice.

Des Plaines - Kowal, Larissa, majored in music education.

Des Plaines - Pond, Rachael, majored in business administration.

Downers Grove - Dillon, John, majored in business administration.

Downers Grove - Murphy, Taylor, majored in business administration.

Durand - Van Zee, Sarah, majored in nursing

Edwards - Lind, Holly, majored in nursing.

Edwardsville - Krebs, Jared, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Elgin - Sanchez, Angel, Cum Laude, majored in English - literature and secondary education.

Elgin - Gholson, Jonathan, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music and physics.

Elgin - Perko, Jonathan, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Elgin - Stauch, KiriLi, majored in anthropology and psychology.

Elgin - Hahn, Nicholas, majored in business administration.

Elk Grove Village - Dengler, Cassandra, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Elk Grove Village - Bacigalupo, Nicole, majored in psychology.

Elmhurst - Hughes, Connor, majored in psychology.

Elmhurst - Worley, John, majored in business administration.

Elmhurst - Mulcahy, Niall, majored in mathematics and secondary education.

Evanston - April, Elise, majored in nursing.

Evanston - Specht, Elizabeth, majored in religion.

Evergreen Park - Garcia, Niko, majored in sociology.

Evergreen Park - Menke, Sarah, Magna Cum Laude, majored in theatre arts, with research honors.

Evergreen Park - Simmons, Thomas, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in computer science, with research honors.

Fairbury - Wenger Diller, Kimberly, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in mathematics and risk management. She also received The Annabelle Scrogin Anderson '36 Award,  with research honors.

Farmer City - Bowen, Hannah, majored in interdisciplinary educ. studies.

Flossmoor - Seidel, Andrew, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music education.

Flossmoor - Johnson, Emily, majored in nursing.

Forest Park - Dunaway, Kathleen, majored in psychology.

Frankfort - Beringer, Jessica, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in Hispanic Studies and secondary education.

Freeport - Wall, Brenden, majored in psychology.

Fulton - Naftzger, Gwenyth, majored in mathematics and secondary education.

Gages Lake - Schmeling, Nathaniel, majored in English - writing and computer science.

Galesburg - Davis, Dalton, majored in financial services.

Galesburg - Buebe, James, majored in English - literature and history.

Galesburg - Statham, Natalie, majored in nursing.

Galesburg - Anderson, Olivia, Cum Laude, majored in English - literature.

Geneseo - Lipes, Jordan, majored in music theatre.

Geneseo - Witter, Natalie, Magna Cum Laude, majored in economics.

Glen Carbon - Dowd, Patrick, majored in business administration.

Glen Ellyn - Klug, Ainsley, majored in voice.

Glen Ellyn - Volk, Cathryn, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in music education. She also received The Hope Ellen Pope President's Club Award in the Fine Arts.

Glen Ellyn - Colliander, Jake, majored in environmental studies and political science.

Glenview - Seter, Amy, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, majored in environmental studies.

Glenview - Madans, Debra, majored in acting.

Glenview - Toraason, Jeffrey, majored in biology.

Glenview - Roenitz, Kevin, majored in chemistry.

Glenview - Brait, Rebecca, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Golf - Lenckos, Samantha, majored in nursing.

Grafton - Holden, Ryan, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Grayslake - Russian, Alan, Magna Cum Laude, majored in computer science.

Grayslake - Henrikson, Casie, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Grayslake - Idstein, Derek, majored in psychology.

Groveland - Hocker, Nathaniel, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in chemistry. He also won The Professor David Bailey Prize in Chemistry.

Gurnee - Aiello, Alyssa, majored in biology.

Gurnee - Eppinger, Gary, majored in computer science.

Gurnee - Mueller, Luke, Cum Laude, majored in history, with research honors.

Gurnee - Pineda, Ralph, majored in business administration.

Hampshire - Larmon, Amanda, majored in business administration.

Hanover Park - Mancera, Alejandro, majored in physics.

Hawthorn Woods - Cox, Andrew, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Highland Park - Mecartney, Emily, Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Highland Park - Aronson, Samuel, majored in psychology

Highwood - Tomaszynska, Kathryn, majored in anthropology.

Hoffman Estates - Sloan, Jake, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Hoffman Estates - Burns, Jennifer, majored in music.

Hoffman Estates - Flach, Jessica, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in chemistry.

Hoffman Estates - Mishra, Lisa, majored in religion and economics.

Homer Glen - Bjorklund, Jennifer, majored in chemistry.

Homer Glen - Domke, Patrick, majored in business administration.

Homewood - Dague, Jameson, majored in business administration.

Homewood - Courington, Philip, Cum Laude, majored in music.

Illinois - Dickinson, Michael, majored in English - writing.

Inverness - Chin, Kyle, Phi Kappa Phi, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Island Lake - Castellanos, Nicholas, Cum Laude, majored in acting.

Itasca - Grisamore, Kristen, Cum Laude, majored in English - literature and history.

Joliet - Buechel, Rebecca, Cum Laude, majored in voice.

Kankakee - Franco, Gina, Magna Cum Laude, majored in financial services.

Kankakee - Varley, Jeannette, majored in psychology.

Kankakee - Hogan, Kara, majored in psychology.

Kewanee - Ball, Carissa, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Kewanee - Arrington, Catlin, majored in religion.

Kewanee - Charlet, Hilary, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

La Grange - Siegel, Annaliese, Cum Laude, majored in music education.

La Grange - Mack, Valerie, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

La Grange - Siegel, Zachary, Magna Cum Laude, majored in orchestral instruments.

LaGrange - Vander Woude, Emma, Cum Laude, majored in international studies and German.

Lake Forest - Lyden, Leann, majored in environmental studies and sociology.

Lake in the Hills - DeMay, Tatum, majored in environmental studies.

Lake Villa - Ford, Hayden, majored in chemistry.

Lake Villa - DeMaegd, Margaret, majored in biology.

Lake Villa - Goth, Sarah, majored in elementary education.

Lake Zurich - Swanson, Colleen, Cum Laude, majored in elementary education.

Lake Zurich - Kucharski, Erica, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English - writing. She also won The Donald R. Koehn Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities.

Lakewood - Scherer, Alexander, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in chemistry and physics.

Lakewood - Lachowski, Steven, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in mathematics.

Lansing - Ransom, Morgan, majored in political science.

LaSalle - Considine, Emily, majored in English - writing.

Lemont - Osmani, Jehona, majored in psychology and Hispanic Studies.

Lemont - Kasperski, Nicholas, majored in economics.

Lemont - Moy, Priscilla, majored in acting.

Lemont - Jozefiak, Rebecca, majored in sociology.

Lena - Stich, Emily, Cum Laude, majored in orchestral instruments.

LeRoy - Riddle, Jordan, majored in music education.

LeRoy - Bialeschki, Nicole, Magna Cum Laude, majored in sociology.

Lexington - Beard, Christopher, majored in accounting.

Libertyville - Shanks, Connor, majored in biology.

Libertyville - Tranel, Jenna, majored in business administration.

Lincoln - Taylor, Nikki, majored in art.

Lincolnshire - Woodstein, Aaron, majored in theatre design/technology.

Lockport - Klika, Alycia, Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Lombard - Podrazik, David, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Long Grove - Bulandr, Kathryn, Cum Laude, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Long Grove - Stamper, Tyler, majored in financial services.

Loves Park - White, James, majored in business administration.

Lynwood - Herlitz, Kelli, majored in elementary education.

Mahomet - Dunlap, Bailee, majored in international business.

Manhattan - DeBoer, Amy, majored in elementary education.

Marengo - Montgomery, Chloe, majored in accounting.

McHenry - Broederdorf, Timothy, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, majored in chemistry.

Melrose Park - Bonilla, Diana, majored in biology.

Metamora - Cullett, Andrew, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Mokena - Lucas, Kathleen, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in history.

Mokena - Casey, Lauren, Cum Laude, majored in nursing.

Mokena - Casey, Tara, majored in business administration.

Moline - Wheeler, Brenda, majored in psychology.

Monticello - Douglas, Nathaniel, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in Hispanic Studies and secondary education, with research honors.

Morris - Cummings, Kaileen, majored in accounting.

Morton - Kaeb, Lizabeth, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Morton - Maurer, Paige, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Morton Grove - Sehgal, Aneesh, majored in accounting.

Mount Prospect - Perlongo, Allison, majored in music.

Mount Prospect - Moore, Brandon, majored in music education.

Mount Prospect - Melone, Colleen, Phi Beta Kappa, Cum Laude, majored in history and Greek and Roman Studies, with research honors.

Mount Prospect - Castle, Dominique, Cum Laude, majored in international studies and economics, with research honors.

Mount Vernon - Modert, Stephanie, majored in biology.

Moweaqua - Seitz, Breck, majored in business administration.

Murphysboro - Davis, Jessica, Cum Laude, majored in elementary education.

Naperville - Tegge, Ashley, Cum Laude, majored in nursing, with research honors.

Naperville - Siebert, Brianna, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Naperville - Siegert, Daniel, majored in accounting.

Naperville - England, Derek, Magna Cum Laude, majored in mathematics and risk management.

Naperville - Mitchell, James, majored in biology.

Naperville - Fink, Katelyn, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in mathematics.

Naperville - Randazzo, Krystal, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in mathematics and secondary education.

Naperville - Rupert, Lauren, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music education.

Naperville - Gorski, Lauryn, majored in psychology.

Naperville - Gradle, Meghan, majored in chemistry.

Naperville - Wen, Patrick, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Naperville - Cairns, Ryan, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Naperville - Hatcher, Tyler, majored in economics.

New Berlin - Pisani, John, majored in accounting.

New Berlin - Negro, Madeleine, majored in environmental studies and music.

New Lenox - Berna, Evan, majored in business administration.

New Lenox - Aprati, Gabriel, majored in business administration.

Niles - Plach, Casey, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in political science.

Normal - Seifert, Adam, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Normal - Salm, Bethany, Cum Laude, majored in music.

Normal - Sengsay, Corin, majored in psychology.

Normal - Hyland, Kyle, majored in religion.

Normal - Carlson, Stephanie, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in political science and history, with research honors.

Normal - Rogers, Trey, majored in business administration.

North Aurora - Daum, Taylor, majored in psychology and French & Francophone Studies.

Northbrook - Wang, Chen-Hon, majored in accounting.

Northbrook - Van Spankeren, Graice, Phi Kappa Phi, Summa Cum Laude, majored in anthropology and French & Francophone Studies.

Northbrook - Albert, Jeremy, Cum Laude, majored in computer science .

Northbrook - Stanielun, Margaret, majored in psychology .

Northbrook - Gilbert, Robert, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology .

Northlake - Lopez, Gisel, majored in nursing .

O Fallon - Diessner, Rachel, majored in psychology .

Oak Brook - Kelly, Anne, majored in history .

Oak Lawn - Anderson, Emily, majored in nursing .

Oak Lawn - Ford, Katherine, Cum Laude, majored in psychology with research honors.

Oak Park - Richardson, Theoni, Magna Cum Laude, majored in music education.

Orland Park - Kronberg, Michael, majored in accounting.

Orland Park - Curtin, Sean, majored in mathematics and secondary education.

Oswego - Novak, Eric, majored in art.

Ottawa - Stevenson, Alexandria, majored in nursing.

Ottawa - Raffensperger, Sara, Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Palatine - Samuel, Alexander, majored in English - literature and secondary education.

Palatine - Piotrowski, Kevin, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration and political science.

Palatine - Lui, Michelle, Cum Laude, majored in history and secondary education.

Palos Hills - Angelos, Anthony, majored in economics.

Palos Park - Santucci, Steven, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Park Ridge - Albano Jr., Anthony, majored in business administration.

Park Ridge - Klein, Connor, majored in business administration.

Park Ridge - Owerko, Danielle, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Park Ridge - McGuire, Ian, majored in business administration.

Park Ridge - Rossi, Luke, majored in business administration.

Park Ridge - Groessl, Spencer, majored in business administration.

Paxton - Heyen, Brandon, majored in business administration.

Paxton - Overstreet, Dylan, Cum Laude, majored in risk management.

Peoria - King, Amanda, majored in environmental studies.

Peoria - Streid, Mark, majored in accounting.

Peoria - Yarnot, Rebecca, majored in psychology.

Peoria Heights - Wright, Tyler, majored in chemistry and physics.

Plainfield - Smelser, Andrew, majored in music education.

Plainfield - Wright, Colton, majored in accounting.

Plainfield - Sears, Cortney, majored in biology.

Plainfield - Diaz, Crystal, majored in biology.

Plainfield - Richards, Kenneth, majored in biology.

Plainfield - Mariotti, Melissa, majored in elementary education.

Plainfield - Catizone, Nicole, majored in psychology.

Pontiac - Heller, Jacob, majored in business administration.

Pontiac - Merrill, Jennifer, majored in psychology.

Pontiac - Fairall, Josephine, majored in biology.

Pontiac - Stevenson, Rachael, majored in nursing.

Princeton - Taylor, Zachary, majored in music education.

Quincy - Ehrhart, Clara, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration. She also won The William T. Beadles Award for Exceptional Acheivement in Business Administration.

Quincy - Walker-Holzgrafe, Edwin, majored in business administration.

Quincy - Fischer, Ethan, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Riverwoods - Laflamme, Garret, majored in biology.

Rochelle - Gabelhausen, Daylee, majored in psychology.

Rockford - Kamp, Danielle, Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.

Rockford - White, Jessica, Cum Laude, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Saint Charles - Shannon, Alyssa, majored in business administration.

Saint Charles - Casey, Jared, majored in environmental studies.

Saint Charles - Munyon, John, majored in business administration.

Saint Charles - Beird, Meridith, Cum Laude, majored in French & Francophone Studies and anthropology.

Saint Charles - Wettengel, Michael, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in English – writing, with research honors.

Saint Charles - Schuck, Rachel, Magna Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Saint Charles - Baginski, Samantha, Cum Laude, majored in chemistry.

Sandwich - Bantz, Alexandra, majored in nursing.

Sandwich - Wright, Blair, Cum Laude, majored in psychology.

Schaumburg - Sloan, Kelli, majored in biology.

Schaumburg - Wienckowski, Kenneth, majored in business administration.

Schaumburg - Huber, Stephanie, majored in environmental studies.

Schiller Park - Mazur, Madalyn, majored in nursing.

Secor - Hartness, Jordan, majored in nursing.

Shorewood - Goodale, Victoria, majored in psychology.

Spring Grove - McCrory, Shannen, Magna Cum Laude, majored in nursing.

Spring Valley - Tun, Ayethaw, majored in psychology.

Springfield - McGlynn Jr., James, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Springfield - Collins, Jordan, majored in psychology.

Springfield - Forman, Kathryn, majored in biology.

Springfield - Swope, Lexia, majored in psychology and sociology.

Steger - Phipps, Callie, majored in nursing.

Streamwood - Schmidt, Emma, majored in biology.

Streator - Brown, Mallory, majored in mathematics.

Swansea - Horner, Colleen, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Tinley Park - Alba, Brooke, majored in biology.

Tinley Park - Truesdale, Daniel, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, majored in economics and political science. He also won The Robert S. Eckley President's Club Award in Social Science and The Phi Kappa Phi IWU Chapter Award, with research honors.

Tinley Park - Buerger, Kelsey, Summa Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Towanda - Boggs, Abby, Cum Laude, majored in international studies.

Urbana - Savignac, Samuel, majored in psychology.

Vernon Hills - Kim, Brian, majored in physics.

Vernon Hills - Brooks, Laura, majored in music.

Vernon Hills - Jacobson, Liezl, Magna Cum Laude, majored in accounting.

Vernon Hills - Achler, Sydney, Magna Cum Laude, majored in theatre design/technology.

Village of Lakewood - Ross, Charles, majored in biology.

Watseka - Bradford, Jordan, majored in financial services.

Waukegan - Flores, Rodolfo, majored in psychology.

West Chicago - Rashid, Hira, majored in psychology.

Western Springs - Pieroth, Brian, majored in mathematics.

Western Springs - Shafer, Lauren, Magna Cum Laude, majored in voice.

Western Springs - Greybar, Madelyn, majored in business administration.

Western Springs - Greenlee, William, majored in music composition.

Wheaton - McGrath, David, Cum Laude, majored in risk management.

Wheeling - Hart, Matthew, majored in accounting.

Wildwood - Brill, Ahnalieza, Summa Cum Laude, majored in nursing. She also won The Caroline F. Rupert Nursing Award.

Willowbrook - Silver, Charlotte, Cum Laude, majored in international studies.

Wilmette - Song, Daniel, majored in psychology.

Wilmette - Sowlat, Iris, Cum Laude, majored in theatre arts and English - literature.

Wonder Lake - Greenhill, Nicole, Magna Cum Laude, majored in psychology, with research honors.

Woodridge - Meek, Alexandra, majored in theatre design/technology.

Woodstock - Rufino, Genyl, Magna Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Woodstock - Zieman, Kaitlyn, majored in biology.

Zion - Sajuan, Daisy, majored in nursing.

Zion - McBride, Jonathan, majored in business administration.



Noblesville - Swafford, Jane, majored in nursing.



Des Moines - Blumenreich, John, Cum Laude, majored in mathematics and secondary education.

Dubuque - Eby, Hannah, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in music and Hispanic Studies, with research honors.

North Liberty - Smith, Evan, Cum Laude, majored in biology.



Nicholasville - VonderHaar, Kelsey, Cum Laude, majored in theatre arts.

Villa Hills - Martin, Corinne, Cum Laude, majored in psychology.



Grosse Pointe Park - Nurullah, Halimah, majored in music theatre.

Novi - Wimberly, Rachel, majored in sociology.

Westland - Gisondi, Laura, Cum Laude, majored in theatre arts.



Apple Valley - Sharp, Taylor, Magna Cum Laude, majored in international studies and political science.

Bloomington - Redlin, Devon, majored in art.

Chaska - Muehlbauer, Sarah, Magna Cum Laude, majored in piano performance.

East Bethel - Patton, Stephanie, Cum Laude, majored in biology.

Falcon Heights - Robertson-Smith, Alice, majored in chemistry.

Minnetonka - Bergman, Sarah, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in political science.

Plymouth - Kinnamon, Paige, Magna Cum Laude, majored in theatre design/technology.

Shoreview - Rauch, Annette, Cum Laude, majored in Hispanic Studies and sociology.

Woodbury - Smith, Jason, majored in political science.



Ballwin - Steenberge, Laura, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in chemistry. She also won The Harold C. Hodge President's Club Award in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, with research honors.

Chesterfield - Myers, David, Cum Laude, majored in international business.

Chesterfield - Sodemann, Patrick, majored in business administration.

Pacific - Fincher, Kathleen, Cum Laude, majored in music education.

Saint Louis - Ruskey, Joseph, Cum Laude, majored in English - writing.


New York

Oceanside - Krieger, Francine, majored in history.


North Carolina

Hickory - Mark, Nicholas, majored in accounting.



Portland - Priedhorsky, Heather, Cum Laude, majored in music theatre.



Pittsburg - Hosier, Jordan, Cum Laude, majored in International Studies.



Memphis - Jaslow, Karen, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, majored in biology.



Kemah - Brady, Brittany, Magna Cum Laude, majored in environmental studies.



Cedarburg - Albers, Elizabeth, Summa Cum Laude, majored in acting.

Jackson - Hoff, Olivia, Magna Cum Laude, majored in piano performance.

Shorewood - Schroeder, Gavin, Cum Laude, majored in business administration.

Verona - Guffey, Carole, majored in nursing.

By: Kathy Thilmany (309) 556-3181